Whether in the past or in the present, it seems to caress each of the central characters. Still she has a kind heart and when she decides that Zubeidaa has had enough of moping around after her divorce, she promptly introduces her to the dashing prince and shamelessly abets the romance. Zubeidaa was a real person. I saw this movie with minimal expectations. In Fiza’s brother disappears during the riots in Mumbai. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Full of characters, nuances.

Rahman’s haunting music paired with Javed Akhtar’s lyrics give you some very unforgettable moments in the movie. I think this movie did a good job of portraying life at that time in India, In direct contrast to her is Mandira Devi, the Patrani of the prince. There is much more to the film however than it being a beautifully photographed fantasy, the story dealing with Benegal’s characteristic treatment of the diversity of Indian culture, politics, religion and tradition, showing where it clashes and complements in all its infinite variety and beauty. The story relates Zubeidaa’s trials and tribulations in the big house, her loneliness and yearning for her son and for her husband, who has very little time for her. Deeep down within she is unhappy, and this unhappiness begins to widen more and more with every moment in her life, no one tries to understand her, its only judging throughout, but at last with the crash of the plane, her dreams crash and she is set free Though it is clear that this film is much more than royal watching, having such a subject naturally supports a lavish treatment, which Benegal ably supplies, as well as making the film’s content rich in nuance and resonance, handling its mature romantic storyline gracefully, and skilfully embedding it into its larger historical context.

Rahman which repeats itself with the fabric falling from the sky, and the beauty of the period that is well photographed. However, a disagreement arises between Suleman and Mehboob’s father, and Mehboob divorces Zubeidaa few days after she gives birth. You see her first as a teenager who aspires to be an actress and even shoots for one film.


Without a doubt, it’s one of the filmmakers’ most melancholic works yet. R Rahman’s music which gives life to the film. Dilm genuine concern with womens’ issues is evident in movies like Mammo and Sardari Begum both scripted by Khalid Mohammad with their women-oriented themes.

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Karisma has surpassed herself as the passionate, defiant, willful and troubled Zubeidaa, the truly modern woman. Manoj Bajpai is a good actor who does justice to any character he plays. In fact one of the best films to come out of the Hindi Film industry in recent times. Zubeidaa is the concluding chapter in a trilogy that began with Mammo and continued with Sardari Begum Quite outspoken and embittered over his dad abandoning him, Her family is known for rigging awards so it can be fixed under their family winning many of the awards.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When her father discovers that his daughter has signed a film, he forces her into a marriage which ends in a divorce and a baby.

A Love Story The Rajput kings were really majestic looking – tall and fair and very cultured. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Her tumultuous relationship with her husband, and her inner demons lead her to a decision which has fatal consequences for them all. Zubeidaa was a charming, high-spirited, incredibly honest and rebellious woman who refused to live her life according to traditional mores and was constantly in search of happiness.

The only thing I hated about the movie was the character of Zubeidaa. And so, unfortunately, the film ends up feeling incomplete.

Magical Yet Melancholic, Zubeidaa Is Certainly One Of Bollywood’s Most Underrated Movies

Rahmanwith lyrics by Javed Akhtar. In the end, Riyaz gets the missing tape of his mother’s only film, from Mandira. Manoj Bajpai is very fine as Zubeidaa’s loving husband.


Little did I know that the memory of Zubeidaa would haunt me in the years to come Major Jaidev Rajvansh and his fellow officer Hussein manage to rescue a leading politician as well as capture his kidnapper, Abhrush. This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else.

Kavita KrishnamurthySukhwinder Singh. Riyaz travels to Fatehpur and asks many people about his mother. You love to love the vivacious girl in her.

Magical Yet Melancholic, Zubeidaa Is Certainly One Of Bollywood’s Most Underrated Movies

Alka YagnikUdit Narayan. But here are the things I found fascination in the movie in no particular order: My Watched Film Reel. He meets people and through them Zubeidaa’s story unfolds. She was a divorcee who fell in love with the then maharaja of Jodhpur. Other singers, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Zubqida Yagnik walked away with all accolades for their renditions in their respective tracks. Suleiman Seth Farida Jalal The main character, that of Zubeidaa, superbly portrayed by Karisma Kapur, has overlapping shades to it.

I don’t expect this movie to be a hit. Whether it is Amrish Puri or Rose in the karishmq or Rajit Kapur and the palace in the present, the camera seems to linger longingly on each of them. There are no “mistakes” in the movie. I’m so glad she did not receive Best Actress for this movie.

This is ONE woman you can see as having done her role complete justice. Whether in the past or in the present, it seems to caress each of the central characters.