His reasons for having this traditional training was because of his father, who wanted him to be able to protect his sisters, especially during the violent times in China. Zhao Changjun has described this training in interviews. It is not good if you only practice Taolu and do know anything about the other method, other application or other practice. Due to that madness, Zhao’s father had to find another teacher. So along with learning the martial art, the school teaches academic subjects such as Chinese language and Chinese traditional sports and games such as Chinese chess. The sum of all this knowledge and experience demonstrates that not only does Zhao Changjun understand Wushu, but he can represent it in the world of martial arts. That was the modest beginning of one of the most stellar wushu careers ever. What are you really doing?

So along with learning the martial art, the school teaches academic subjects such as Chinese language and Chinese traditional sports and games such as Chinese chess. His father was a common laborer who had a great respect for the martial arts, but never had the opportunity to study them personally; so he enrolled his son Zhao in the martial arts, not only in hopes of improving his health, but also for self defense. Sumo isn’t trying to push to be Olympic. But today, we still have a lot of practical reasons to practice. Despite newly invented forms and wushu command performances that followed the Cultural Revolution, martial artists like Zhao always kept their fighting skills. Thus, he has an understanding of both sides of the Wushu spectrum, which makes him truly unique, and unlike any other Wushu master. Those experiences, added to his mastery of wushu and traditional, have given him an open mind about all modern fighting methods; and this helps explain why he embraces the rise of mixed martial arts. Click here for Feature Articles from this issue and others published in

Why (I Feel) Zhao Changjun Is Better Than Jet Li – Jiayoo Wushu

This helps them learn about Chinese history and culture. Again, this is moviess simply a physical quality, but rather is expressed and transferred, which the aforementioned explosiveness is the ideal way to express such a quality, and Zhao Changjun undoubtedly had this.

If you insist on martial arts, you can attain some level of skill. The only thing that can be considered traditional that Jet Li legitimately learned was his alleged favorite style of Changuun, Fanziquan, which he learned from the late Grandmaster Ma Xianda. For example, look at taiji.


Zhao’s Martial Art School, the Most Famous Martial Art School in Xi’an

Jet Li on the other hand, has also admitted in one of his editorials from his website that he has never been in a real fight, nor does he have any desire to be in one. It is not good changjjun you only practice Taolu and do know anything about the other method, other application or other practice. He is a four-time consecutive US Wushu Team member and Pan American Champion, and is continually trying to improve himself both as a competitive athlete and as a real martial artist.

Because He Actually Understands Wushu As established in his example throughout this write-up, Zhao Changjun qualifies Wushu as legitimate martial arts.

Many great masters failed to pass the communists’ rigorous background checks, so outstanding masters like Yu ShaowenMa Xianda and Pan Qingfu were cut from the tour, regardless of their skills.

If we fail, there’s no one to blame but ourselves. Inhe was selected as “Chinese Kungfu Master of the year”. Each year, there is a month-long summer camp in Xian for students aged eight and over.

Zhao says, “Actually, for competitive wushu, there are no spectators. There must be a reason for mvoies You cannot give up one of them.


Zhao Changjun has described this training in interviews. At the last moment, the government decided that neither form was appropriate for such a momentous demonstration. There should hcangjun a good relationship between traditional and modern wushu.

He is therefore a foremost example of chsngjun personal thesis throughout the majority of my write-ups, which is that while modern Wushu is not on the same level of martial arts as traditional gongfu, it should still retain the depth of its traditional counterpart.

If you can get on a pro team, your body has to meet rigorous standards. Sumo isn’t trying to push to be Movids.

What are you really doing? They should have more interchange. No-holds-barred matches actually have a longstanding history in traditional Chinese martial arts circles, only they weren’t fought in cages.

That’s where he began his warrior journey and that’s where he is now. Zhao hopes that one day martial arts will be offered in the public schools all around the chahgjun, just like it is in parts of China.


Also, my father reinforced this. And the Beijing Wushu Team always had at least one star athlete, who is groomed to be a champion, which was undisputedly Jet Li at the time. For the advanced level, the student specialized in sanshou free sparring or taolu forms and only trains in that.

You hold this for a second, then turn and land like that? However, I had not yet made any active comparisons between Zhao Changjun and Jet Li, mainly because I had only seen the one competition clip of Jet Li, and none of his other actual Wushu performances.

Another famous example would be Zhao Qingjian.

Just as there are plenty of sports fans who make comments on the game or certain teams without ever being an athlete, and plenty of MMA mixed martial arts fans who talk smack but have probably never learned to throw a single strike or submission in their life, and plenty of movie fans and critics that can judge a movie without ever being an actor, writer or director, there exist opinions and observations that can be made without having skill or experience, and this is mine.

When that is achieved, the student is evaluated. You must practice fajing explosive power by hitting sandbags times a day. This branch school has a summer camp for kids as does the main school in Xian.

At the time of this writing, this weekend is Memorial Weekend here in the US.

Why (I Feel) Zhao Changjun Is Better Than Jet Li

This is what makes Zhao Changjun great as a Wushu Taolu performer, and it is for this reason that many Wushu fans and practitioners respect him so. You may want to visit it during your tour of xhangjun city.

No one goes to watch. So it didn’t take me too long.