Even though the leads are not my cup of tea, they have the perfect supporting cast behind and beside them. But I totally agree with you on the “Historical Royal Romance” thing. PYM July 6, at 1: I have a feeling that it is not going to go very well! The Legend of The Blue Sea literal title On Amazon alone I see over listed, might be more but I got tired of paging. Jin-Hoo he is so brave in this episode! Oh well it is still exciting nonetheless!!

Nam Shin Seo Kang-Joon is a son from a family who runs a large company. Jin-Hoo speaks to the press and tells them that there has been a false report given to the press and media and that ShinHwa will be pressing charges against these allegations. Episodes by LollyPip. June 6, — Runtime: Nine, which was a favorite This episode brought soo much revelation for Jung-Soo!

They’re all basically the same thing. The instant attraction, not so much, only because they lay it on really thick with yodama accidental falls at least they take turns falling on top of each other? Sad that dramacrazy got shut down.

Thanks for the heads up on these new dramas girlfriday! But mandate of heavenis it really worth of time for a busy personi mean is it a must watch? Goddess of Marriage is a No for me.

Empire of Gold is the best show quality-wise that has premiered on network TV this year, imho. He gets married with the blood of his murder victim still lrgend his hands?

Apr 25, – Jul 3, Yodramq On: And I also don’t like all the villains who spend half of their time on screen sitting around a table and talking about how they’re going to get rid of so-and-so before actually doing it. I guess Dramafever finally succeeded in shutting down all of the other sites. Hopefully the next round of dramas will be better.


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At the hospital hee calls out for Do-Young. Bong Sang-Pil will take advantage of loopholes in the law. Good actors cannot overcome a really bad plot or really bad writing, and that is what I see so far in Goddess of Fire.

They all work together and then the company phones saying they want to see a sample so Jin-Hoo offers to take Jung-Soo on his motorcycle to the company and the company accepts their samples.

He calls the cops and puts the receiver to her ear, and then kisses her before daring her to tell the truth. As for Goddess of Fire, I just.

I have to wait for Goddess to be fully subbed before I can watch it. When she is accused of being Student X, her dream of going to university to study art is put at risk as she faces expulsion. Kim Bok-Joo and her friends epispde the female weightlifting team are not popular with the guys and they don’t have boyfriends.

Empire of Gold has a potential to turn into a makjang show I hope it won’t though, I trust all The Chaser crews but it seems intriguing so far.

Episode 12

My sentiments exactly on everything you said. I don’t have high expectations for Sword and Flower. Dong Yi was also well paced and well done. I was determined to watch Goddess of Fire because Park Gun Hyung and Jeon Gwang Ryul are in it and the cast overall is appealingbut I didn’t know that it’s a ep run. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In museums around the world I have seen some truly remarkable works, and often wonder how they managed to make such things given the technology of the times.


Jin-Hoo at home has a math calculation for his plan and is hoping it will work for his company. Mmmh, Goddess of Fire seems sort of interesting, as I must admit I am a big fan of romantic saguek dramas more romance and a little less pottery stuff though would have possibly been better but at the same time it does come across as a little samey.

If they go over different qualities of clay, etc I’ll be happy. I didn’t read the Empire of Gold as I have intention of checking out the first episode when it gets subbed but I read the Goddess of Fire part and I just rolled my eyes at the meeting between the prince and girl. Drama Recaps Episoee of Sincerity: Jung-Soo gets driven home by Manager Kang and cries in her room.

Yoddama girl must be pretty, like the other k-actresses