Part 1 Hanabee Store”. Event occurs at Total Eclipse 1 User. After a bit of joyriding, Saki laments on her past, causing Haruto to let his guard down and she bites him, switching their consciousness. Seeing no other option, Haruto forms the contract with L-elf in order to save Module Just then, L-elf causes the ARUS transport ship to crash into and block the Module’s docking bay—essentially trapping all of the Module’s occupants. However, when Kriemhild mentions the name “Mikhail”, L-elf acknowledges it to be his pre-Carlstein name and correctly deduces that she received assistance from Lieselotte, the only person in Dorssia who knew his real name.

Event occurs at As Saki laments her inability to react during the last battle, Haruto learns from his friends and a distraught Kyuma of Aina’s death. Meanwhile Saki defends Module 77 from X-eins and H-neun along with other Dorssian forces, but gets cornered by their new magnetic weapons. The world itself is split between two major nations: Haoliners Animation League Date aired: Voice actor Wolflet – Aug 22, Secretly observing Saki’s success at piloting the Valvrave Four, L-elf deduces that the underground facility was not built under Sakimori High by chance since the students meet some requirement to operating the mechs by comparing them to the failed attempt by the ARUS soldier. Well, a veteran anime technical director reveals the truth about his monthly earnings.

Subsequently, the JIOR scientists developed a highly advanced weaponized mecha technology called Valvrave which possess enough power to turn the tide of the war. Meanwhile, as Cain begins to guess the New JIORians’ plans, L-elf manages to successfully break into Lieselotte’s prison tower, and asks that she let him rescue her. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Finally, with the Valvraves replenished, they leave the Moon en route to Earth and while fighting off the Dorssian blockade, Haruto resolves to locate the Valvrave creators and learn how to revert to becoming human once more before destroying the Valvraves himself.


Valvrave the Liberator Episode 13 English Subbed INFO

Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Haruto and Saki later use the Valvrave 01 to start exploring the depths of Module 77, where L-elf guides them avlvrave a hangar containing four more Valvrave Units.

Retrieved January 21, As Saki laments her inability to react during the last battle, Haruto learns from his friends and a distraught Kyuma of Aina’s death. At the same time, Rion announces that Module 77 will hold elections for a new Prime Minister to handle their public affairs once they get to the moon and L-elf volunteers to take care of the election affairs since having an appointed leader would help meet his goals.

Lieselette explains that the Magius crash landed on Earth a few centuries ago and began possessing Earth’s lifeforms in order to survive. Retrieved October 14, Despite Haruto’s attempt to stop her, Saki boards the Valvrave Four and to his surprise she successfully completes its start-up procedure. In the aftermath, L-elf awakens in the cockpit and rushes to a weakened amnesiac Haruto.

After easily taking them down, L-elf then has Saki and Akira possess the agents and infiltrate the base in an attempt to lure its occupants into an explosive trap beneath the canyon.

Overlord Season 01 Episode 13 Dubbed

Meanwhile, Raizo is caught once again trying to hijack one of the Valvraves and is put into prison, while Kyuma dedicates himself to training in order to avenge Aina’s death. Akira soon manages to hack into Module 77’s communications but comes under Q-vier’s attack. Elsewhere, the Magius organization gathers.

PV English sub version. Retrieved January 10, Some are so bad, they become absolutely hilarious. Retrieved from ” https: Haoliners Animation League Date aired: In the meantime, L-elf falls into a state of depression after learning that Lieselotte’s death was inevitable. Upon arriving in outer space, the Valvrave pilots manage to locate and destroy the threatening Phantom ship and return to Module 77 to a grand reception by their schoolmates.


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With each of the hostile factions now desiring this weapon, high schoolers, Haruto Tokishima and his friends pilot the Valvrave mechs eepisode use them to protect their Module 77 home from the Dorssian forces. As the other Dorssian agents arrive, L-elf seemingly betrays his comrades and helps the students flee.

Jinbo, Masato Episode Director. Aniplex USA” in Japanese. ActionMilitarySpaceMecha.

Soichi explains that the project used JIOR military funding to create new lifeforms, with the goal of attaining the next step in human evolution—using the genetically modified embryos of the Sakimori students.

Soon after, Module 77 is once again under Dorssian attack. However as Haruto and L-elf recognize their feelings of powerlessness, the former uses Unit 01 to repel the Dorssians while resolving to end the war before the Valvrave takes his own life.

Retrieved November 29, Anderson immediately takes action by deeming all the Module’s inhabitants an international threat, whereupon Youhei Onai’s attempts to reason with the President result in him being shot, triggering a massacre of the Sakimori students.

NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi. The Outcast 2nd Season. In the ensuing chaos, Haruto stumbles upon one of the targeted Valvraves. Sometime later as the agents scout the school for a destination, one of them has a brief altercation with Haruto over their differing worldviews.