Later, Sanjana meets Ajay and requests him to marry Shaina. Shaina has a plan up her sleeve, where she decides to spoil the Biryani prepared by Sanjana. She tells Mishri that Anuj would come back for her. Later, Shaina meets Ajay and tells him that she is willing to help him but only when he agrees to marry her. What will Ajay answer Sanjana now? To stop Sanjana’s father from getting her married forcibly to someone else, Ajju requests Ajay to marry her till he returns from the US. Ajay is the youngest son of the Pethewala family. Shreya too is in shock and Bhushan notices her sweating and questions her about it.

Director 2 Credits Anjum Abbas. Later, Sanjana too applies ointment to Ajay. Mishri’s parents ask for her consent. Unknown to their families is that their marriage is a contract for a few months. Neeraj Goswani Ajju 1 Episode The show is set in Agra. On the day of the wedding, Sanjana is arrested for Ajju’s murder. Sanjana comes to know of Shreya’s true colours and tries to expose her.

Ajju tries to rape Sanjana, when Ajay’s sister Mishri saves her by hitting Ajju on his head with a vase. Stay tuned to know more. Shreya tells Shaina not to overact as she would not be paid more for her overacting. The whole family gets entertained seeing the dance performance of Ajay performs a dance.

Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Cast Real Names with Photographs

Witnessing the scene, Bhushan gets suspicious. Both of them share an emotional conversation. Shaina gets an intoxicated Ajay to tell the truth. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. She confronts her mother and declares that Ajju had killed Ajay.

The Curse of Oak Island 2. Retrieved from ” https: Will Mishri be able to expose Ajju?

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Credits Producer 1 Credit Shashi Mittal. The head of the family – Sahrmila Dadi, believes that it is quintessential for a family to stay closely knit. Shreya tries to tumyi suicide by jumping off from the cliff. Seeing Ajju inside her room, Mishri begins to panic and shouts in horror. On the other hand, Shaina meets Ajay and proposes to him. While Sanjana is away from her stove, Shaina pushes her pot off the stove.


What’s next in “Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi”?

Meanwhile, Shreya, after getting brain washed by her mother, wants to divide the house and gain control over it. Kabeer Kaushik Ajay Pethawala 1 Episode Bhushan meets his family along with a masked man who is revealed to be Ajju. He adds on that, Ajju is not yet dead and all this scene was created to put Sanjana in trouble. Overview TV Listings Cast. The family comes together as Mishri falls unconscious. Sanjana meets Mishri and asks her not to lose her courage.

Ajay does not speak a word and leaves Sanjana in shock. Anuj’s family asks for Mishri’s hand in marriage. Shreya too is in shock and Bhushan notices her sweating and questions her about it. Meanwhile, Dadi comes to know Shreya’s true face. A Star Is Born 4. Everyone forgives her except Bhushan.

The two of them make up their mind to continue doing so until Utmhi is proved insane. Will Sanjana accept her divorce? On the other hand, Shreya, who has lied to Bhushan about her pregnancy, hesitates to go along with him for her checkup. Ajay claims that he murdered his best friend.

Shaina then informs Ajay that his very own sister-in-law, Shreya is cheating the family. They ask him to not take Bhushan’s words seriously. At the same time, Sanjana shows up at the scene and asks Shaina to stay in her limits. She brings back Sanjana to the house as a negative person. Sanjana and Shaina take the challenge of preparing the Biryani. They both exchange rings and get engaged. To stop Sanjana’s father from getting her married forcibly to someone else, Ajju requests Ajay to marry her till he returns from the US.


Shaina tries to play one of her games where she gets a crystal ball and says it would help her to find Ajju’s murderer. Sanjana requests the police to allow her attend Mishri’s wedding. Will Bhushan get any proof of Ajju’s whereabouts? Shreya then warns Shaina that her next fault would dislcose her real face before yumhi Pethewala family. At the same time Ajju returns from USA. As Shaina is just about to leave the room, Sanjana shows up but is unable to spot Shaina, who hides behind the door.

The cops come by and tell Trilokchand that they’ve discovered Bo body and that the entire Pethewala family are suspects in the murder, but Ajay and Sanjana are the main suspects. The series is a tale of a happy family of five brothers and three sisters. Ajay accepts Shaina’s wedding proposal but asks her to disclose Ajju’s whereabouts.

On the other hand, Anuj is still unconscious and the man who has disguised himself as Anuj sits at the ‘mandap’ to marry Mishri. How will Sanjana console Ayush? Shaina tells Shreya that she has been acting well. When she picks up the phone, Shreya grabs it from her.

The family banchu flabbergasted to hear this. Will Agents of S.