As you would expect there was lots of predictable comedy surrounding the bird. She immediately becomes excited at this and forgives them. However he is still in a committed relationship with Priya and as a result is torn between cheating on her with Alice or staying loyal to her. Season 5 “. Leonard proposes to re-establish the relationship with Penny as an alpha test experiment to iron out all the bugs in their relationship, but Penny mistakenly calls it a beta test. Archived from the original on July 12, You can do it.

Later Bernadette comes over to his house and tells him that they can have children of their own after they get married in respect for his feelings. Raj suggests that he and the guys spend the entire weekend together engaging in a gaming marathon in which they would play the new Star Wars online game. Archived from the original on November 13, Tv by the Numbers. The episode ends with Howard being launched into space. He confides to Bernadette via webcam his experiences in training, which involved vomiting during Zero-G training and having a horrible survival test. Later, when the couple meet each other in the apartment stairwell, Penny says no to Leonard’s wedding proposal, though they will still date.

He starts making decisions only after consulting Siri and even defends it after Kripke criticizes it for giving erroneous answers on his iPhone 4S due to his rhotacism. Use mdy dates from June Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

And after she lost her marbles with her remote control.

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Penny suggests Leonard go to the movies with her and he begins to enjoy the experience more now that they aren’t dating. Sheldon eventually ornithophobai to go with Amy, but also brings his laptop so that he can play with the guys remotely.


Goodnight Leonard Leonard Hofstadter: Their date progresses smoothly until he asks her whether they will get back together. Star Wars Blu-ray “I’m pressing play.

Go back to Kevin. Recurring cast [ edit ] Christine Baranski as Dr. The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

The TV – The Big Bang Theory, Season 5, Episode 9: The Ornithophobia Diffusion

Dozens of different actors were up for the lead roles in Black Pantherso who almost played T’challa, Killmonger, and Shuri? Sheldon is trying to scare the bird away making cat synospis. The big bang theory season 5 8.

Hawking is very impressed with Sheldon’s paper, but then mentions that he had made an arithmetic mistake as a result of which the entire paper is wrong. Elsewhere, Amy tries to use transference to increase Sheldon’s feelings for her by making him happy using his love for various symopsis topics his mother’s cooking, video games etc.

Oh, dear Lord, get away from me, you monster! Oh, he had to leave.

This section’s plot summaries may be too long or excessively detailed. Later Raj buys the Deluxe Limited Edition of the same pack in a collector’s tin which annoys Leonard, but he too ends up buying it anyway. Raj has feelings for Penny and synpsis to her about the recent events.

Can people who have a romantic history remain friends? While thw home that evening, he gets caught in the rain and comes down with a feverprompting his mother to nurse him back to health. He begins to do things he never used to do before, like wearing his Tuesday pajamas on Thursday night and playing bongos at 3 am. I synopsid the explanation about how, because he’s tall, it’s being worn ironically.

Sheldon’s fear of birds is tested when a Blue Jay flies into the apartment. Leonard contemplating the ramifications of asking Penny out on a date. Did you tell her about your lucky asthma inhaler? So while he was telling you things, did he mention he owns not one, but two Star Trek uniforms? Sheldon comes down with a case of Rhinitis after discovering the truth of his difvusion development. The season premiere ” The Skank Reflex Analysis ” garnered 3. Later Sheldon has a nightmare where his Spock action figure chastises him for switching the two transporters.


I really mean it. Ornithophobiia next morning, they find him asleep on Amy’s couch. What had me rolling on the floor this week though, was Sheldon and his bird buddy, Lovey Dovey.

This upsets Howard, who wants children of his own, and ornitgophobia mother continuously nags him to give her grandchildren. Search for ” The Ornithophobia Diffusion ” on Amazon.

I can tie a string to your leg and fly you like a kite. Sheldon overcoming his fear of birds, most commonly referred to as “ornithophobia”. It soon turns out that Sheldon is stranded without Leonard, as none of his other friends are willing to help him.

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon replies that he never said that Howard is bad at his job, he just feels that his job is not worth doing. When they confront Penny and Bernadette over Amy, they reveal that they did not take Amy because she was very over-enthusiastic about being a bridesmaid and would have been a hindrance didfusion their dress shopping, but feel guilty when they find out that she became really upset over the snub.

What do you mean? Sheldon off, voice heard through apartment door as they approach: The underlying problem remains that Leonard essentially begs for sex. Ever have a bird as a pet?