She was so glad but then scolds Dong Hae for not calling her. Kim forces Dong Hae to withdraw from the cooking competition which angers the TV network. And having him stay with HS and DJ out of duty would have also shaken family values. DH, Do your best. Episode 78 Episode DJ, If I go with you, I’ll get punished. Then he starts singing awfully.

Dojin wonders what is going on with Dong Hae and his father. Episode 73 Episode KJ, I’m good as you see. Hye Suk tries to stop Dong Hae’s appearance on broadcast. He tells his mom he needs to be alone so Hye Sook leaves the room. I didn’t know how important she was to me because she’s always been with me. Watch ‘ Smile Donghae ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. I love you Lee Bong-ee.

And if she gets divorced, people will laugh at her. KN, You should be happy to take care of our grandchildren.

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I had said I wasn’t going to watch anymore long dramas but I had time on my hands and started the new one which replaced SDH. James is no longer DB’s James. Episode 68 Episode DJ, Why did you lie to me?

BY, Assistant Manager, you’ve been here? Episode 92 Episode You can also tell that her background as a dancer made all the difference in making her character come to life. James said the president is like air to him, but I’m just someone in his past.


Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. She also syb where Bong Yi is. The Groom and Bride! Just donghxe the cooking competition ends, Dong Hae comes out from broadcasting station, and his parentage is revealed to Hye Suk.

Posted May 16, Dlnghae this is the cake that you ordered specially. HS didn’t receive any punishment for her part in the crime. DJ, What happen to the baby? In their room, Anna was already sleeping. James finds out Anna has a relationship with Dong Hae but when he finds out Dong Hae is his son, its almost too much to bear. They both were clinging to someone who had no interest in them and thought there money could buy love.

MS, How is Smiile If you don’t go with me. While Saewa is busy trying to keep her past a secret from Dojin, the cooking show begins filming which makes it impossible for Saewa to avoid Donghae.

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I should do my hair to drop by SN’s salon. Saewa decides not to go to the hospital and forces Dong Hae to face the truth about their relationship. MS, I need too go to the hospital and see how he is myself. DB, James, are you sick? There ehg a new clue to who James really is Sulnyeo said something about Saewa’s father-in-law, Dong Hae wonders how he is involved.


Pil Jae agrees and sings her a lullaby. Having him leave his wife of years sile be together with Anna would have shaken the family values. You used to say that you wanted to be a good father. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. By the way are you going somewhere? You really made it worth while to stick with the series.

PJ, Why did you come here again? BY, Wha’ts wrong with DH? He tells his mom he needs to be alone so Hye Sook 218 the room. Episode 25 Episode Episode 85 Episode I was told that there’s the baby. Everytime I see you you’re getting more handsome.

Your mother has been taking care of me well. I love you all!

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K-Jae, The East Coast? He said that you’re like air to him and I’m just someone in his past. I want to hold him. Episode 6 Episode 6.

Bong Yi picks up Anna from the hospital but she and Dong Hae don’t know what to think of Anna’s claims that James took her there.