The interview only consists of one question: Sly is definitely on my ‘Fav’ list. Amanda April 26, at 8: And that new JW venture is successful this time, of course. Lee Min-jung Joo Sang-wook. Plus, after Good Doctor, to watch Joo Sang-wook being a dork was so satisfying.

So many hints at what made their relationship work in the first place – the scene on the park bench is enough for anyone to think, “When did life get so complicated? If all she was going to say was that she would stick by his side this time and wanted to marry him, why have her say, “No, I can’t accept this proposal”? Go In Bum Supporting Cast. One of the things, I believe, the director has done masterfully is the level of respect paid towards Lee Ming-Jung’s marriage by not having an overabundance of skinship. Yes, Smile You’s definitely the longest kdrama I’ve watched so far but I don’t regret it one bit. Hope to see your next projects pretty soon, preferably together

It began not only as “not sinopsie but, to me, had all the hallmarks of a slapdash production hastily put together by people who cared nothing about drama techniques.

I especially love how he pushed her to go on the date, knowing she hadn’t quite worked up the courage to end it yet.

They do have a great chemistry! In the end, all the drama with Yeo Jin didn’t mean much in the end so I would have preferred stories like on Min Young, Manager Kang’s family, etc. I think of it like my child, in that I despaired whenever I saw it heading down the wrong path, yet I defended it rabidly against its detractors and always tried to explain its idiosyncrasies so as to place it in the best possible light. Right is out there. Joo Sang Wook gained himself a fan for life. Their chemistry was off the charts and it was the same in their BTS interactions and even in the cast wrap up party.


Thanks so much for recapping for us and congratulations on your baptism of rom-com. She wasn’t a character I ever rooted for and she was honestly very forgettable. They look good in the wedding attire. And Lee Min-jung as Ae-ra, just great, i love her too.

Like everyone else, I really loved how they worked around the noble idiocy.

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Kim Ho Young Supporting Cast. Three years after the divorce, Ae-ra discovers that Jung-woo has become fabulously successful and wealthy, while she is still paying debts that accrued during their marriage. They kiss joyfully in the yard, and we see a montage of the highs and lows of their second courtship. They also made a pun out of JSW previous roles: She says that everything is up to the CEO now, and pulls out her tarot cards.

This drama wasn’t perfect by any means. Also shows that AR didn’t just take notice of JW because of her mother either. Though you might be sick playing a ceo but I bet you enjoy being a dorky ceo for once.

I still can’t believe this was his first go at comedy. I had so much hope for her, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. One day I announced that, while I knew that fertilization occurred when a sperm cell entered an egg cell, the science books didn’t say how they got together, so I though the male cell had to be passed from male to female during kissing or something.

Just finished the drama today Dissenter April 28, at 2: Due to that failure, she recommends that he be held responsible for this matter, and be dismissed from Dontalk. I hope to see more fun romcoms like this soon!

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Hope to see your next cuning pretty soon, preferably together The writer seemed to be poking fun at the whole having one final day of memories together thing and it was great to see.


Cast – Cunning Single Lady. Kim Da Hyun Supporting Cast. Even after telling him never to show up in front of her again, she goes to see him lol. Can’t wait for the ending’s recap!

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All the make outs and skinship! Keep up the good work! Yes, she really did.

I meant the death card in this episode, not from the retreat. He leaves her on the stairs for a second, when he sees that the wind has scattered the rose petals which had been laid out in the shape of a heart on the lawn. He got that nerdy cutie boy in love down to a perfect T!

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Can I also say how I loved that Jung Woo was tricking her throughout the entire episode. That night, Ae-ra considers a number of messages to send to Jung-woo, all of which express encouragement or concern. I feel sorry for her. The bulk of the episove admittedly comes from the adorable chemistry between Lee Min-jung and Joo Sang-wook — they are what kept me hooked on the show week after week, with their amazing ability for not just hilarious physical comedy can we have Joo Sang-wook in more rom-coms, please?

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