This demon wears a green and red garb. Truthfulness is his motto. However, later Shaktimaan kill him using his own germs. He is cunning enough to be able to use mental manipulation to trick Shaktimaan on occasion. He lives with Sanjeev Mahashay at the secret places of Suryanshis in the city and even runs a hospital. When the five natural elements of life, fire, earth, water, wind and sky invigorated his body, he gains superpowers and becomes a Superhuman. Jackal punishes her angrily for her failure and kills her. Tamraaj tortured her in fire for several years for this.

This makes him powerless because it is filled with the evil of the world and is the source of the black powers. Except for Tamraj Kilvish and later Dr. All we get to see are Superman or Spiderman , who are alien concepts. On humans, the glance can only petrify them. Jackal an evil scientist and others. Mukesh Khanna who played the role of Shaktimaan confirmed this. Kitanuman is an extremely dangerous green-coloured creature completely made from germs and is also one of the servants of tamraj kilvish.

Archived from the original on 19 September Kitanuman was one of the most dangerous and difficult devil to defeat epieode Shaktimaan and had a really tough time with him. It was later revealed that only Shri Satya can kill Tamraj Kilvish.

Shaktimaan season 1 episode 125

An extremely dangerous humanoid clone created by Dr. He even tries to approach Tarendra, an all knowing sentient being of light, to know the truth about Shaktimaan. His fighting skills make maharani fell in love with him and she proposes Satya, but he rejects her. His powers include shooting electricity from eyes and electrocution on contact. She kills a C. It is unclear whether he was cursed by an enemy or punished by Tamraj to end up imprisoned.

Shaktimaan requests Maharaniji to return the remote and free both hostages. He was the first synthetic villain faced by Shaktimaan.


Geeta Vishwas turns out to be the reincarnation of Komalatha. He was created by Dr.

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He is a really powerful Suryanshi he has the power of fire and fire rays comes out from his eyes. Therefore, his name is Sabkar. On one occasion, she changes her appearance to that of Shaktimaan’s and engages in a fake fight to defame Shaktimaan.

Thousands of years ago, Shri Satya turned him into a statue and later he gets freed from the statue and spreads germs so badly and turn each and every child of the world into old men. Although he possesses godlike powers, his only weakness is a crystal Papmani possessed by Tamraj Kilvish which can be used rpisode defeat and even kill him.

Tamraj Kilvish sends his men to find the remaining part of Shaktipunja whereas Shaktimaan travels time in different time zone along with Geeta and Dwijj to collect 8 chakras and save the world.

He possesses physical powers like unlimited speed up to the speed of lightstrength, durability as well as psychic powers like telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis etc.

Shaktimaan – Episode 125

His main accessory is a trident. She died in a crash planned by Dr. The full extent of his powers is not revealed. Peisode accidentally opens the sarcophagus and unleashes Kashtak, a servant of Tamraj Kilvish. She later realises that the cat was her sister, Shaliyaa.

Shaktimaan was one of the most popular and longest-running television series for Indian children on suaktimaan Doordarshan channel.

He was taught the way to energize the 7 chakras of episodw through Kundalini Yoga that helped him get mystical and supernatural powers. Shaktimaan was depicted as a human who has attained superhuman strength and power through deep meditation and attaining control over five elements of life.

He can break trees into two pieces with his one punch. Mukesh Khanna’s ‘Shaktimaan’ to be back on Indian television? He became popular by name Sabkar in media particularly in Krtv channel in which Geeta and Gangadhar works and so they were sent for Sabkar interview to know if he is another identity of Shaktimaan. She was another devil magician sent by Tamraaj to kill Shaktimaan in childhood but she failed.


Later, it is revealed that Shaktimaan was the rebirth of Shri Satya who had formed the Suryanshi Sect after the war of the Mahabharat 5, years ago.

After a death-defying adventure, Shaktimaan was told that he epiwode the rebirth of Shri Satya. Nature control such as climate climatic earthquake, leadership capacity, hypnotism, meditation, removal of all types of rays such as xray vision, medicine as well as knowledge epksode Ayurveda.

She has a moderate skill in hand-to-hand combat. Retrieved 22 March Later his face deforms to become a distorted wolf-like face. The stone-man disappears when the skull is destroyed. She wants to become powerful, so she goes in front of Kilvish for her request.

Her look was mostly similar to Teemiraa, she wears red dress and also the background score of Teemiraa was played on her. She is an accomplice of Tamraj Kilvish. She first came to the earth in her space, when Shaktimaan tried to stop her he was attacked by powerful rays from her space. Jackal punishes her angrily for her failure and kills her. Although he was involved in the grave robbing crimes, he was not shown successful with any of the dead bodies he collected.

He is played by Faqira.