I have a lot of choice words for him that I won’t express publicly, but man he annoys me. Still mad we saw no Asami. Korrasami- No Light, No Light 6 years ago. Granted I think that relationship would help her come to terms with herself. Sep 14, 30, 2 0. JadedWriter Member Dec 27, Sub Boss Member Dec 27,

Link in bio or at bit. My Cool Kids Club is even better than the task force it was originally meant to be! Full Scene [HD] 4 years ago. Caring about Azula is like being on a rollercoaster ride man. She’s a very talented bender, but I’m glad that we do get to see her learn a bit first. Let us know in the comments! Sep 14, 30, 2 0.

Again, this is one of the many things that I peoject glad that Legend of Korra has the Avatar lacks. Join my Cool Kids Club today by following! It should have killed her MUCH faster than it did and even then in the avatar state she shouldn’t have been strong enough to do what she did.

If you have any scene requests, let us know in the comments! Share your own ideas as pronect Let us know what you think in the comments, we love the feedback! Thank god that Tonraq actually pgoject this like a man and owned up to it Son, you’re too hot to live up here you’re literally melting the buildings.

I like to believe this is the episode that dialed up the “extra editing” to 10 and it hasn’t gone down since. Perfect for your lock screen background!

Of course, the moment is ruined when Unalaq comes in saying that Senna and Tonraq are under arrest. He now sees Korra as an instrument leading the world to freedom and harmony.


Project Voicebend Episode 6 – “And the Loser is You”

Spoiler if I actually enforce this I’ll be out of a kidney by days end. Turf Wars Comic Dub Part 1 1 years ago. As for the animation: Also I just want to say that everyone’s mic quality is improving and I want to cry eepisode is heaven.

Part 1 Motion Comic HD 1 years ago. About to begin my book 4 marathon with my best bud. Have you seen our new episode? May 28, 7, 0 0.

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Korra fucking loses it. She was made a episose of cast just to become Bolin’s love interest, and when she fulfilled her role, she became as useless as Kai. You can read the full story provided in our Bio Link.

Linked in bio or at bit. But Opal isn’t any of these things, plus Bolin is dumb enough to fill the stupidity of two people. She might even free him in the end, allowing him to spend the rest of his days ‘letting the world be’. And if you want more commentary on the dark spirit Pierrot, watch this: Opal was annoying on book 4, even if she had her reasons. Opal was just easier to write as a relationship. DedValve Banned Dec 27, Opal is just so Regarding Eska vs Opal. And go support and follow the — less cooler but still cool — project.

Anyone excited for Avatar Wan and Studio Mir next episode?? Part of this reversal could also come about because it is revealed that Vaatu somehow was responsible for his transformation into an Air Bender, and some of his incredible what seemed as natural skill from the outset.


There are problems with it, but I think it would be cool if the show had been similar. It made me sad that Korra was being horrible to her dad thanks Unalaqand I’m glad that she realized this. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. Jun 3, 8, 0 0.

She’s domineering and possessive and it seems like she wouldn’t allow Bolin to do much of everything without her being with him. She’s a very talented bender, but I’m glad that we do get to see her learn a bit first. Jul 30, 21, 0 0 Detroit, MI twitter. Omikaru Member Dec 27, I’ve been watching the videos and their slaying me, god damn. School has been super busy.

Sep 14, 30, 2 0. We’ll write your shows for you!

Project Voicebend Episode 6 And the Loser is You – Watch video at Videocom

It was epic and introduced some of the best characters Eska and Verickbut they had to start all over with several characters with Lynn viocebend Korra getting the worse ends of that stick and had to get through that messy first quarter of the season. Link in bio to watch all of Book 1!

Accurate depiction of us in the editing stage. Then listen to M’lil’s “Makolicious”, linked in bio! SilentMatthew Member Dec 27,