The cave above the western waterfall where the Master’s Plaque is obtained. Get to the southern wall, and wait for Gohma’s attacks. Now go all the way south. As its name suggests, the city is entirely flooded, stranding its citizens, most of which are unable to swim. Sunken City in Winter. He proposes Link a challenge. Jump over the lava, but instead of entering the tunnel to the temple, still continue east. A shortcut from Sunken City to Mount Cucco.

In the following room, remember that the shield can flip over the spiny turtles. I see people use rickys tornado punch to take it out but I don’t have ricky I have this blue dude.. Equip the slingshot and the ember seeds, then get on the cart. Moosh’s flying ability is used in the Nuun Highlands , which helps Link locate the three lazy Carpenters needed to extend the bridge to the ruined city. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Boards The Legend of Zelda: Grab the flying chicken using the power bracelet, and fly to the upper platform.

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He also references the Spring Bananas he wanted in the game. The owl statue gives a hint about the boss: Log In Sign Up. Bring it to the master diver, and he’ll reward Link with the Zora flippers and a secret: The suhken esscence could be there, but what does the waterfall hide?


In the winter, Link can climb a snowdrift south of the city to buy potions from Syrup, the witch. Just east from Impa’s hideout, an old man needs a fish to catch back his sunke.

Following it around will take you to the entry to Sunken City. Two Deku Scrubs give hints about a key and a lock. Do Secrets in a linked game transfer over? If Link has Moosh join him, some areas within these regions will resemble a wasteland-like area filled with many pits that Moosh can fly over. Light the three brazier while moving, and the chest will appear. Oracle of Seasons Himekawa. It’s actually a hint about the sub-boss.

Sunken City – Zelda Wiki

A Gasha spot for the rarest rings! Table of Contents The Legend of Zelda: The chest holds a fourth Small Key. The Dragon key fits in and stops the waterfall.

Do Secrets in a linked game transfer over? Keep me logged in on this device. After defeating Agunima, two doors open. In other languages Deutsch. The new remake of Link’s Awakening is coming this year!

The lonely creature oeacle upgrade the Ring Box. I’ll assume you have already been through this path one grid right of Gnarl Root to the Scent Tree. One of them conceals an old man who will gift Rupees to Link. Now go to the base of the mountain. The waterfall to the east leads to a cavern where the Master Diver resides.


Navigate the passage and emerge in a dark room.

Don’t hit it until you round the curve. Visit the Maku tree and enter the trunk: After Link got his feather back, he can access a cave near the Treasure Grove that leads to the Spring Tower. There’s a diving hole among the reefs in town. This page was last edited on 21 Decembersinken Using Dimitri’s abilities, Link can swim up the waterfalls north of the village into the caverns beneath Mt.

Sunken City

Go to the east one first. As its name suggests, the city is entirely flooded, stranding its citizens, most of which are unable to swim.

Back to Mount Cucco, switch the season to spring again. Moosh can get past any and all pits. But water is my weakness.