Actually, in reading these comments, it feels like being a part of a book club, where every reader brings a different perspective, adding a whole other dimension to the book being discussed! And what do you know, looks like Wali is actually making progress towards spine regeneration — actually saw a glimmer of a back bone. But it might be that their is a political motif in that decision too. However, there is another commitment of W to BS that was implicit in the marriage is giving his heir from Neelum. Wali with a gun! SM in absolute agreement BS is important in the drama. While I agree with you that Ammo had limited say in the upbringing of her granddaughters, I cannot help but think that she might have been an overindulgent grandparent.

Resolving some of the past and the identity questions Qasim, curly-haired boy, Allah Rakhi will better help in developing the characterizations of W, MJ, Neelam, BS et al. And he can empathize with her. Like always I enjoyed your insight and agree with most everything you wrote. If her husband even one who is years younger chooses to give her conjugal rights and emotional support, should she deny herself because of some societal biases against age, vani?? But it might be that their is a political motif in that decision too. Good review as usual.

His entire life is shaped by that bloodshed. So no other shows. Theres a clip in the promos where she seems to be with this boy in more humble surroundings, pbbly his ghar??.

Numm ~ Episode 7 Review

Despite the still loud and mismatched background score, some overlong scenes, and below par acting of a few actors, Numm, because of its story, very well-etched characters and excellent acting by seasoned artists, continues to fascinate me.

I imagined getting a tight slap if I ever even thought about it as a child that age…. It was touching to see Wali tend to MJ. But then have you seen the therapist in Kadurat?


The body language portrayed there was fabulous!

Pak dramas being more mature, I guess they are, but aajkal looking at the majority of whats airing one does wonder about the kind of stuff people like to watch … surely there is more to life than two sisters going gaga over the same guy, shaadi, biwi, saas and evil nand??

I am with amuzingmuslim this time. Notify me of new comments via email. She has been his num in times of pain and anger and frustrations. I hope it turns out that its not a life sentence afterall… Like Like. SZ re book club. I am late to the party!! Apparently, it seemed an unwise decision to leave M with the new couple despite knowing the initial reactions of Neelum. It is a very transparent Indian soap wrapped in a Pakistani dressing.

So true that he is still waking up.

Am definitely on the Numm bandwagon but I wish the story would progress a bit more in each ep. However, there is another commitment of W to BS that was implicit in the marriage is giving his heir from Neelum. Watc that blue zippered pullover dating back to Ashk and the Amna Isani dawn interview … And with you and Nur on those pants. This episode was terrific!

In real life it would have definitely had an impact — imagine a teenage boy going through puberty and becoming onlinf of the opposite gender and then he finds out that he is married — imagine the conflict, confusion, anger. An extremely pertinent question, brilliantly posed by the writer. Watching Fahad Mustafa in Mere Humrahi and he had on a pair of khakis with a dark blue button down shirt and the pants were waaaaay too tight — it completely messes up the eatch.

Fifteen years of bearing the nightmare inside is bad for health…. Can Wali manage to strike a balance between his obligations and his desires? This episode was kind of long, not much developments, we only got to catch up on the bits we might have missed earlier. I think they are going to dance around watchh subject, feel all the emotions and the ties, but never really act on it.


And I found her reaction so unnatural after she got the shut-up call from her daughter. Hence the lashing out. Is that the part you were refering to? Will he ever be able to do right by both, his vani and his wife?

I find it challenging to educate my children about Islam and Pakistan given that schools back there reinforce your teachings through Islamiyat and Pak Studies. The sort of badtameez she is, skipping salam is not so astonishing.

I think this time I just agree with so many comments here…I was hoping to just point out waych things I agree with, but I HAVE to watchh some of the interesting points that people have brought up.

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Minahil is begging for a slap and some more. Good you brought this up, it puts their relationship in a better perspective! No worries about typos. Neelam has not shown any signs of being compassionate, polite, cultured… why does Ammo think she is so great?

Numm-Episode 8

Did wonder about your being MIA. Wali with a gun! She was too busy pouting. Usman Peerzada is lucid as BS.