Toadie smiles and says he does kind of like being his own boss. Susan kisses him and says he’s a wonderful man. James Roach Patrick Fitzgerald aged I’ll go a tea thanks, Suze. Susan sets up her recorder and assures Jim she won’t be prying, she just wants to get his thoughts on the Patient Advocacy Program. Are you still angry with your dad? He asks if that was Libby on the phone earlier, but Susan says it was Jim and explains that he wanted to shout her dinner as a thank you.

Kate’s annoyed that Sophie’s brought someone else into their problems and demands to know what she said. I just want to make sure that he’s OK. When Toadie asks if she’s OK, Sophie starts to cry. Susan is overwhelmed by a wave of sympathy for Jim. Yelling at me isn’t going to bring him back. Lucas now regrets not making things up with his dad although Toadie does point out that he wasn’t to know how sick his dad was. He doesn’t understand why Lucas can’t fix it. Number 30 Sonya mentions to Toadie that she’s glad Lucas got a chance to say goodbye to his dad.

I’m so sorry, have we missed it? But Susan isn’t concerned about her MS, teasing Karl that he won’t be able to keep up with her. Hayes tells his colleague not to notify anyone and to leave everything 6179 him.

Shortland Street 6197 Episode 21st March 2017

I should feel something. Kate’s surprised her sister rang and tells Hayes she’ll deal with it. So what you going to do? Susan episodde remembers she saw Jim Dolan at the hospital and wonders if he’s using the program. I just said we were fighting, that’s all.

Toadie agrees and says that once he’s sent an email to the lawyer, the episoe ordeal will be behind Lucas for good. Yeah you shouldn’t have said anything.

Well don’t you think you’ve done enough? By the look on Toadie’s face the figure is very tempting indeed.


Susan and Jade have a nice old time talking about walking and yoga while Karl’s practically running himself to death. I didn’t know what else to do! You don’t have to stay.

Kyle apologises but says he’s been busy trying to recruit a new housemate. Neighbpurs tells Toadie that their firm usually tackles big cases, but some of the lawyers there lack the personal touch – that’s where Toadie comes in. Look, Mark could have waited a few more minutes but he didn’t.

Shortland Street Episode 21st March

Neighbourd Karl sarcastically wonders if the chatting is going to cost them extra money, Jade punishes him by making his treadmill faster. However just as they are all getting on like a house on fire, Lou’s appearance from the bathroom freaks her out. Jim’s on the other line, dressed and ready to leave the hospital. He’s ringing to say thank you – he can’t remember if he said it earlier and didn’t want to leave a lasting impression of being rude. We just gave each other more wedgies and Chinese burns.

Julian Mineo Dan Fitzgerald aged 7: He says he could go for a beer, though. beighbours

19th May KHTV E24 – video dailymotion

She wanders off to ring Lyn to see if she has his number. Number 30 Sonya has invited Lucas around for lunch to cheer him up and says that if he ever needs to chat about anything she’s there for him. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. I’m not stupid, you know, but if you haven’t had to deal with this sort of stuff before, how do even know what to ask? Charlie’s Bar Lucas has a debrief with Toadie after scattering his father’s ashes. Susan feels for the poor guy and tells meighbours how sorry she is.

Well those tights are killing me. A short while later, Toadie brings Sophie a mug of hot chocolate and sits down next to her. Well something has changed. Kate assures Toadie they’re just having family problems and Toadie believes her.


Kamran Ozturk Lucas Fitzgerald aged 5: He tries to talk to Jade but she says she can’t understand him when he’s puffing and panting like an old steam engine. Karl tells Libby he’s pleased things are going well for her and Ben before hanging up. Susan makes her way back to the others where Jade has put Karl on the treadmill again.

Peter takes this onboard but hands Toadie a business card with a figure written on the back to tempt him. I should have done things differently. Recap – Summer writing an article about the school garden – Karl and Susan trying to work through their issues – Susan suggesting to Karl that they go to Peru. I know, I’m not. These shoes are killing me. I’ll go a tea thanks, Suze. This time, though, Mark completely disappears into the fog.

I shouldn’t have said anything. He doesn’t understand why Lucas can’t fix it. Yeah well you’re not much use to us if you’re not happy.

19th May KHTV E24

Sophie thanks eoisode and says he’s a really good dad. Jim starts talking and tells Susan he originally went into the hospital to get his bad back checked out, but things escalated from there. Turns out it’s the fact that it’s such a tight- knit community that is putting her off and even the promise of changing the locks can’t make her change her mind and she walks off down Ramsay Street. Hayes, who is annoyed rpisode Sophie contacted him.