Beginning in the mid s airings, the opening has been covered by Carol Banawa, replacing Dulce’s version. Hear na U, sori na Me History The replay of the past episodes of Wansapanataym aired every Monday to Friday at Gigie in a Bottle Double Up Melai Cantiveros — Maris grew up in a musically inclined family and learned to sing and play instruments at a young age. Valentina and Bebot married each other and so the woman apologized also to Valentina’s mother and lived happily ever after. A Mother’s Day Presentation.

Sasha is an Internet sensation but she lies to all, others say she is just a poser. Super K’s brother was also kidnapped by the giant octopus while she was temporarily blinded. Related to James Reid actor. Carl was cleaning the car one day, when Karen took Julian and Carl and locked them inside! Be Careful with My Heart. The neighbors in Inday’s house inspects about her appearance and the two genies that help her. Kids Edition in , and came in at second place. Claus Malou Crisologo on the other hand, needs someone to help her deliver gifts around town in time for Christmas.

It airs Saturday 8: Worldclass talaga ang GMA! On May 8,the show was re-aired on weekday mornings until What will she do once the tablet that created her “app boyfriend” is taken away from her? Beauty likes saying bad things to the poor and ugly people, especially to three ugly girls.

Her mother left her father due to his infidelity. So they asked her about the curse but she don’t want to admit it. When she was already seventeen, she decided to go to the city to find the woman but she accidentally turned her mother into one of the statues.

On 28 Januaryhe released “Randomantic”, the third single from Reid Alert.

Caroline KC Concepcion and her sister Ponsi are forced into domestic servitude under their evil relatives after their father, Dado, is falsely accused of stealing jewelry. Kikay Kim Chiuis a simple girl wishing to do something extraordinary to other people. Episodes Aop a detailed episode guide, see the main article below.

Member feedback about Kristel Fulgar: With his escape, he leaves his magic glove, which suddenly sticks to Kenny’s hands. Mitch, is a good witch who use her power to help others.


Valentina epidode Bebot married each other and so the woman apologized also to Valentina’s mother and lived happily ever after.

The two genies help her look better and smarter.

Member feedback about Sharlene San Pedro: Karen wanted to crash herself, Carl and Julian, but Carl took hold of the wheel and ran Karen into a pole. Karina Toni Gonzaga is a young woman who sepetmber Christmas because her family was separated and she was left alone with their maid. Horje the scientist who created the giant octopus had to get rid of the giant octopus because he thought that the giant octopus had turned into a barricade against his plan, which was to sell the magical pearl to foreigners for a hundred million pesos.

General Star sacrificed her own “Star-Heart”, her power source to choose boyfei set of Starfighters to defend, protect, and fight the menaces.

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Patty is a fat girl who wanted to win a beauty contest. Because of this, Carl’s dad became more focused on winning the competition than spending quality time with his own son.

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When Super K noticed that the giant octopus followed her, she immediately made a hole to hide the magical pearl but she forgot to bury it. Member feedback about Ipaglaban Mo!: She maltreats her pet by not episod it and putting it outside of the house. One day, Carl’s little brother Julian tripped over a wire and disconnected parts of the car! The elisode will revolve around Joy Mutya Orquiaa lonely child who finds comfort and companionship in her toys.

She didn’t want to be fat, so she wanted to drink a slim potion. As Jenny grows up, she starts to confront teenage issues like wanting to be popular and wanting to belong. Event occurs at 3: The first one occurred on 21 May Day 43 when Reid was brought to the hospital due to chest pains, discoloration, and shortness of breath while the second one happened on 1 June Day 53when he was again brought to the hospital for the same health issues but this time together with fellow housemate Angelo Pasco.

An ugly old lady, presumably a banshee from Irish mythologycasts a spell on a drink. Season 3 had 14 episodes, season 4 had 11 episodes, season 5 had 12 episodes, season 6 had 8 episodes while season 7 had 18 episodes.


The third and fourth season of Komiks breaks boyfle the pattern of the first two seasons, with the entire season devoted to a single story, Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko.

Socorro Malou de Guzman tries to teach her a lesson by the help of a magic pendant. In he was cast in the teen-oriented drama Reel Love Presents: Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo born March 26, is a Filipino actress, model and recording artist. Omeng and his friend see Mang Sepgember, their school’s caretaker, magically create an opening into another location by painting the wall with a magic septembeg.

In the stage name, the surname is Lim. After Carl fixed it, he started talking to the car. Em-Em is a girl who is not fond of eating vegetables.

James Reid (actor)

Archived from the original on 4 September Epiosde, Melissa Ricks was born with snakes as her hair, due to a curse boytie by a woman that her father also had loved. This marks the start of a new journey for the siblings as they go on a mission to bring back the perfect family they once had. Lim was a contract artist of Star Magic from tountil signing a contract with Viva Artists Agency in January An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of animals.

His guardian angel Denise Laurel accidentally fell from the sky but will try to change him from having a bitter to a happy life. In Marchit was confirmed that Reid’s third studio album is entitled Palm Dreams. However, the most-watched television broadcast in any of the following nations can boyrie be broadcast simultaneously in other countries and rank among their most-watched television broadcasts as well.

While at the cemetery, she meets Pamboy, a young boy who challenges her in making a ball made of candle wax. My Kung Fu Chinito: During its 4-week run the movie has grossed Jairo later turns septembwr looking like Raven.