Hatchin catches Michiko smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, hence why she is not getting any better. Retrieved October 18, Luckily, they both make it out alive the next morning despite their failure in retrieving the golden pot. As Jair catches up to the two of them, he shoots Jim and offers Michiko a ride, calling a truce for the time being. Michiko and Hatchin run to the train station, where Michiko and Hiroshi finally reunite, and the three of them stay at an inn overnight. However, Juninho is already out to get Hiroshi for some outstanding debts. Atsuko then points her crossbow at Ricardo when he approaches her.

Jair, who was assigned to target Shinske, first spots Michiko and Hatchin during a police chase. When Atsuko and Ricardo finally reach the plant, Michiko and Hatchin take the elevator and travel down the shaft to evade, while Elis sets off smoke in the building to cover the security cameras as a distraction. Luckily, they both make it out alive the next morning despite their failure in retrieving the golden pot. The next day, as Michiko drives a truck to pick up a replacement engine from a nearby auto shop, Jair engages in a car chase to make her trip much more difficult. While waiting for Shinske to arrive, Hatchin is forced to share a room with Satoshi. In the present, Michiko visits her old friend Ivan Hime to find someone named Satoshi Batista , who might know the whereabouts of Hiroshi. Shinske has Michiko and Davi take a series of train routes, while evading the guns being shot at them, to see him at an abandoned train station at six o’clock in the evening.

This page was last edited on 31 Januaryat Sword Art Online Alicization. After being demoted, Atsuko is reassigned to Ilha Azul, a small town on the edge of the jungle, under the surveillance of her senior officer Amado. Satoshi orders Shinske to send the battered Michiko by train and has Seiji retrieve her from the train station. As Hatchin ends up surrounded by more street boys, Michiko arrives and scares them off. After Atsuko buys Vanessa a sandwich out of sympathy, Vanessa returns the favor by giving Atsuko a coconut while on duty.

Michiko is tied up with mixed emotions, disregarding Hatchin’s complaints. Retrieved 1 July However, Michiko and Hatchin are blocked by the police after being chased. Michiko initially scolds Hatchin for not staying where she told her to, but relents when Hatchin embraces episod in a hug. Hatchin gets even more upset when Michiko tells her that Lenine passed by the hotel to drop off the book.


Twelve years ago, Michiko was arrested by police sergeant Atsuko JacksonMichiko’s childhood friend, leaving her feeling betrayed. As a result, Hatchin takes on a job at a restaurant to work for a strict owner named Lam Yin. At night, when Michiko finally arrives, Hatchin rebukes her and claims to be living a t life now. After following Michiko to the inn, Jair challenges her dubved a gunfight taking place soon. However, Michiko manages to outwit Atsuko and evade the police, while also saving Hatchin from being shot by Pedro.

On the following day, Lenine fails to recognize Hatchin, even though he remembers engpish what happened the previous day, causing her to later break down in front of Michiko. Ten years later, Hatchin works at a restaurant and raises her only son.

The next day, Michiko finds a man named Davi Nativa, mistaking him as Satoshi and hoping to get some information by force. The show is produced by studio Manglobe and directed by Sayo Yamamotoher first directorial work. While traveling, Michiko tto ill, prompting Hatcihn to check into a hotel. When Michiko goes to pick up the fake passports she requested from Pidan, the leader of a Chinese syndicate named Heike, she finds out that she was pickpocketed on the way there.

Satoshi has a run-in with Heike, but he manages to escape before Shinske arrives. Michiko and Hatchin stay at a rural river settlement while the scooter is being repaired.

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At a bookstore, Hatchin catches sight of a book about batchin boy freeing a toucan from its cage to search for its family. Cyborg Dai-Guard Gigantor. The next day, Michiko and Hatchin say goodbye to Rita before leaving. In two occasions, when preparing to head out to the store again and when getting her hair done at the salon, Hatchin witnesses Bruno privately having an affair with Michiko from a distance.

However, Hatchin is oblivious to the rumors and believes that the children are being taken to an amusement park. In a fictional South American country of Diamandra, the criminal Michiko Malandro englieh from prison and kidnaps her former lover’s daughter Hannah Morenos, whom she nicknames “Hatchin”, saving her from her abusive foster parents in the process.

Views Read Edit View history. Satoshi explains that he was behind the whole ordeal, including Kiril’s disappearance after being framed, Hiroshi’s resignation from Monstro Preto and Michiko’s arrest after confronting Kiril.

The ahtchin captain is given his gun, but as he pulls the trigger at the two, he realizes that he was holding an unloaded gun. When Satoshi finds Hatchin, Juninho attempts many times to snipe Satoshi from a distance. After the circus show turns out to be a success, Hatchin decides to join with Rita instead of going their separate ways. Elis explains that Hiroshi ran away after knowing that Michiko was coming for him. Later on, Michiko is frustrated when Lulu steals her bag.


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The next day, as Michiko drives a truck to pick up a replacement engine from a nearby auto shop, Jair engages in a car chase to make her trip much more difficult.

On the run from the police and Hatchin’s abusive foster family, the unlikely duo set out to find Hiroshi and ultimately discover their freedom.

She goes to a museum where Feliciano is dubged to do a television shoot, but Feliciano instead rushes out of the place in his car after a disagreement with the script.

Ivan later informs Michiko that Hatchin is likely being held by Vasily Nabokov, the current leader of Fantasma, at a bullfighting arena in order to draw Michiko closer to him. A news reporter named Daniela Carneiro, Jr.

Hatchin goes out on the streets to look for Michiko, not heeding Satoshi’s warnings. In the first episode, Michiko is introduced as a free-willed ” sexy diva ” who escapes from a supposedly inescapable prison fortress, while Hatchin is a girl fleeing her abusive foster family.

When Hatchin loses her shoes after cleaning and hanging them outside, Michiko steals an expensive pair of shoes to replace them. Although Atsuko finds Michiko in a nearby cornfield, the former lets the latter go. After a long travel, Michiko and Hatchin reunite in the middle of the road. Michiko kicks the officer out of the patrol car, then forces her way through the police barricade on her way to Goiana.

As they happen upon a dubbef, who was formerly one of Hiroshi’s old business associates, Michiko becomes forlorn after finding out that Hiroshi had not mentioned her at all. After learning on mkchiko news that Michiko was arrested, Hatchin attempts to send a letter to her, but it came back undeliverable.

Luckily, epislde both make it out alive the next morning despite their failure in retrieving the golden pot.