Brazillian wandering spider one of the most poisonous spider escapes from it’s shelf as Lab assistant Sushmita accidently keeps the shelf open and Diamond trader Pushpesh Kanuja looses his life as a spider bites him. Forensic Doctor reveals court that a Bomb was planted in Dominique’s Car and Jaiswal succeeds in proving court that after the experts checked their Cars he went in the garage and Kabeer admits that he went in the garage not to fix the bomb but to increase the acceleration of his Car. Pathak that she saw Avni’s Friend Pramod outside her house when Avni’s fire incident took place, there in the court, K. Who killed Samar Tripathy? Suvarna urges Cyrus not to kill Shalimar but suddenly he dies due to poison. On the other side in the court, Sudhir reveals K. Dominique’s Wife agrees to defense lawyer Jaiswal that Kabeer had visited Dominique’s house one day before the race and also reveals court that Kabeer was forcing Dominique not to participate in the race, later, Raghav patel who was driving Car no. Pathak’s office, Avni’s Mother reveals K.

Pathak save Varsha Dixit in Manav’s case? Will he get the evidence? Court gives 3 days to K. How did Poison appear on pastry? The person who died in the boxing ring is not Tejas but Arjun his brother? Before dying Pooja revealed Shraddha

Pathak mayiri if he wanted to kill him he would have killed him secretly but he wouldn’t had ever take a risk of killing Rajveer in front of anyone. Pathak questions Suri about the land but he fails to admit it later, witness reveals K. Wadhwa’s family friend Jasmine speaks lie in the court that he came home at around 2pm. Daku Subedar picks up the knife which was kept near his Chacha’s dead body and once again he gets arrested. Varun and Inspector Dave investigate Mr. Poonam Modi the owner of Prem Roza art gallery gets murdered.

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Comedian Aarti Sinha fumes in anger as Mr. Sapra and his team is rejecting his experiment thus, all the team members present in the conference room gets surprised to see Mr. Pathak also reveals that Professor Mishra’s Harmonica was found near Dr. Surveen and a blind man Mohit.


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D Pathak will have to find out are they really the killers or someone else. Deepa got shot in the movie theater. But most importantly KD stands not for his client, but for Justice. Poison was mixed in Mamaji’s drink. Major Shantanu Roy is arrested for the murder of Richard lobo.

Dhiren made a plan to shoot Rehan during his film premiere Saazish but he could’nt shoot him as his gun was jam. Is there a trouble waiting for Actor Ishika? Pathak as he was searching something in the cupboard. Pathak to solve his personal problem as he got into huge conflict with his wife and also invites him in the epixode of Gems store owned by her friend Nalini Shankar, mauuri Nalini gets angry on Vaibhav as he cheated on her. Pathak’s emotional story make a difference?

Jaiswal strictly disagrees to admit that he was present in the boat. Will he save Chandan Singh? Dean was counting a huge episodee of cash in his Cabin and gets shocked to see the the Knife in Sundar’s Hand. Riya, Anju and Varsha had a crazy love for Manav but no one revealed to anyone finally in the court it is revealed.

Pathak that he saw someone else killing her and fails to remember the face as it was too dark. Doctor reveals court that Susan stopped his medications as per Father’s orders as he believed that, a spirit is troubling Susan and thus Defense lawyer puts the blame on Mfgha for killing Susan.

Kapoor handovers mayyri confession tape to his associate Deepika who keeps his tape in doctor’s safe which later gets robbed by Deepika’s brother Abhishek. D save Gaurang and Rajsingh? He gave him the idea of robbing the bungalow and that bungalow belonged to the Chief Minister Niranjan Sahai. Sumitra Bashin was Rachna’s step mother.

Who is the real Murderer? Rano reveals Maya’s story to K.

Thappar was extremely angry on horse Shalimar as he lost the race and even hurt the jockey Cyrus Dastur. Pathak gets kidnapped by a group of Dacaits later in the Car, Dacaits of Chambal located in Madhya Pradesh narrates a story while they were on their way and K. Who planned the murder of Chief Minister Arvind Rao? D assures Karamjeet Singh that if Jasmeet is found guilty he will be punished thus he comes to know that the unknown caller was Kartar’s neighbor Sibo Kaur later, Sibo reveals court that she saw Soni’s Brother Gurnaam shooting Kartar in the marriage.


Inspector Jhadav reveals court that Dr. Brazillian wandering spider one of the most poisonous spider escapes from it’s shelf as Lab assistant Sushmita accidently keeps the shelf open and Diamond trader Pushpesh Kanuja looses his life as a spider bites him. Shreya gets angry and visits port. Pathak that the reason behind Maya’s suicide was her brother Raj who cheated her.

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Mumbai Car racing association announces Car racing competition and all the 5 racing drivers who are participating in this competition are extremely mayur about the race which is about to begin thus, Dominique D’Souza who is driving Car no. Poonam was a divorce. Pathak behaves like other mental patients and Warden tells Varun that she knows why K.

Will he solve the case through electro magnet device? Will he get the evidence? Megha mayoori episode Court does not belive in Spirits. A Super model Neharika is dead. Dolly, Babloo or that Ring master?

Kedar who is K. Pathak not to show their romantic pictures to Juggy in the court mayugi he might create a huge scene, on the other side in the jail. Swati s daughter Mayoori has been brought up. Bafna reveals the truth about “Raajdand” and it’s secret mantra. There were 5 people in the car Abhjeet, 3 prisoners 1 driver.

Paras’s grandfather Khemchand Mehta forces his grandson to come along with him. Pathak’s office to solve the matter but gets bitten by Rusty.