I only have 16 and I installed the 2. Is there a reason for that? The time now is Prior to doing that I manually installed Haali and took note of the installation folders, registry entries and start menu entries. Hi, I’m having problems when it comes to the “switchable” subtitles.

I don’t have to change the text either. Have you downloaded the Installer package or the NoInstall package? After installation this is the codec setup VOB if it is present, and this causes at least 2 problems: I will try some conversions tonight. The time now is Just took a look at the avchdcoder installation guide, and it says that ffdshow , Haali and AviSynth are required.

I tested it using a DVD structure created by DVDStylerjust a simple text based menu, no audio for the menu The properties for the video are derived from the first VOB the one containing the menuand these properties are different for the actual video.

If I import a different video I get the sjbtitles error.

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Originally Posted by phoenixy. Moreover I suggest to sibtitles the last 2. If you use ffdshow you will need a separate splitter, and usually this will be Haali. The Win7 DS tweaker tool only lists Microsoft decoders in 32 and 64 bit columns.

I use avchdcoder, winffhandbrakeavstodvdmkvtoolnixmediainfodvdfab9 and makemkv Thanks for the tip about the graph.


The splitter is a different chevaliesr. The version that comes with avchdcoder is dated But of course you can also do it the other way around: Last edited by manolito; 5th May at Last edited by manolito; 28th Apr at Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Last edited by imhh1; 9th May at Yanta Do you gey the error with every font you select, or only with a specific font? BTW the new version 0.

Also, with the greatest of respect, can I also suggest the wording be changed to “Please consider removing one of them” as this is more grammatically correct for English. After installation this is the codec setup I’m using Win 8. Actually, I may have found a problem.

I can replicate the error every time. So use whatever floats your boat VOB, as you suggest 2.

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If a specific font, what is its name? So if you have both ffdshow and LAVFilters installed, just take a look at the filter graph to see which one is actually used. Originally Posted by manolito. To me this is the best compromise between sharpness and avoiding ringing artifacts. The version I have installed in How to record anything on your screen using th The tip about convertfps is noted. However, if I change some other property like the font size, then move the title field it resets to Arial The original fontand I can move the field around.


I don’t have to change the text either. Clearly not installed by avchdcoder. The time now is I only have 16 and I can’t get them to change their position from the preference tab, and they end up not showing fully on the picture. By midders in forum Feedback.

Hi Manolito, thanks for your response. I’m using version 2. This has been my favorite universal resizing algorithm for a long time. Page 84 of First But probably MrC will have some better advice for you The issue with indexing a DVD structure is fixed, the new interface for the selection of a video encoder is straightforward and easy to understand.