Each leads her own life and they sometimes meet to dance, dine and have fun. Outside her hut, Sassouma and her son Dankaran Touman sit in conversation. I shall continue on my way. Sundjata is considered the founder of a clan as well as the founder of the Empire of Mali; thus is he entitled to take a surname of his own: Sundjata gives a great cry and begins to push at the trunk of the great baobab. Drummers lead the singing women forward to the palace. It is in the land of Do that the story recommences. Domingos is a member of an African liberation movement, arrested by the Portuguese secret police, after bloody events in Angola.

A woman emerges from the birth room and announces: At this point, the stories of the two Keotas intersect; history and legend, event and destiny have been brought into alignment. I surrender my life to you but on one condition: Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? The film tells the story of how, from these unpromising beginnings, Sundjata first walks and gradually acquires the strength, wisdom and occult powers he will need to fulfill his destiny as one of the great leaders of African legend. This time the soothsayers have all lied. Boicar again entreats Djeliba to sleep inside. The king turns the unconscious Sogolon and prepares to have intercourse with her.

The plants, the poisons, the best remedies, the language of the wild beasts and of the birds. Keita, Soundiata, — Please note that two types of orders cannot be processed through Triot, as the shipping rate will not be properly calculated.


The ugliest, my adopted daughter. Keita keep his son in tow.

Keita : the heritage of the griot

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You are moie using your Facebook account. Keita, Soundiata, — — Drama. An oral recitation of the complete poem with musical accompaniment can last close to sixty hours. Will you accompany me today? But, this film, like most performances, recounts only a part of the epic, here the events surrounding the birth, boyhood and exile of Sundjata. Find more information about: You already recently rated this item.

It is they who decide! It could take a lifetime. The fathers are very angry, accusing Mabo of leading their boys into delinquency and demanding that Mr.

Summary of the Film’s Story and Production | the Heritage of the Griot

Sundjata Keita Hamed Dicko The Mande hunters choose Sogolon, as they had promised Do-Kamissathe buffalo-woman, and refuse to ask for anything else of her her nephew Do-Samo. Nowadays man have evolved to become homo sapienswhich is more intelligent. Retrieved from ” https: Vriot centuries the Kouyates have been the griots of the Keitas.

She must bring a son into the world who will impose himself on all the savannah. The Heritage of the Griot California Newsreel.

Keita: The Heritage of the Griot

They can tell you the meaning of your name. Dani Kouyate mourns the passing of the authentic griotthe storyteller who was once the African custodian of cultural wisdom and geiot, counselor of kings, genealogist, historian, musician, artist — Belen Tigui Keeper of the Word of any community.


Knowledge is ungraspable, complex. Epic of Son-Jara — Drama. This is true of kingdoms.

Keita: The Heritage of the Griot | Kanopy

Prudence jeita that we leave from here. In contrast, Sundjata’s mother, Sogolon, o his grandmother, the Buffalo Woman of Do, rely on pre-Islamic occult powers or nyama. She then turns to Mabo asking him if he no longer wants to go to school and whether he will tell Djeliba to stop the story.

They come to a great baobab tree. The class is doing math problems. Now, let destiny be fulfilled. A homeless man dies of an overdose in a popular Cairo neighborhood.

Tne you have influence with the producer, beg him for a sequel! What can you teach to children without knowing your own origin?

A dramatization of the Sundjata Epic, one of the most important works of African oral literature. Fate has led you to me. She became a panther, then a buffalo.

He fought with Sogolon until sunrise. The word of the cowries is irreversible. Cut back to past: And on that day, come what may. Boicar shakes his head and leaves her. I suspect a lie. Sogolon, sharply, disturbed by the watching women: Please verify that you are not a robot.

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