Eddie comes dangerously close to uncovering a secret Chloe is hiding. Ellie blackmails Don with a sexual harassment charge to keep her job since Nora was not able to convince him not to fire Ellie. Traci decides that her marriage with Jake will not work, and decides to take the job in Chicago. Max and Nora search an Ojai gas station for clues; Tyler urges Chloe to tell the detective that Eddie was responsible for her accident; Max threatens Tyler to stop throwing the blame on Eddie; Ellie files a lawsuit against Don, and he promises to give her the money right then and there; Mel gets a call from a famous TV producer, and is offered a job; Phil and Adriana’s relationship is slowly slipping; Phil quits his job, and Gus is worried; Chloe is convinced that Eddie did not push her, and thinks Dylan did; Lia and Jeremy sing Eddie’s song, but Eddie tells them to stop; Lisa gives Mel a letter from Beth, and Mel decides she’s going to forget about Beth; Phil is up for a new raid with Ray; Nora comes to the office to drop off a few things, when she smells a gas leak. With Khloe’s help, she makes a decision about her relationship. Chloe’s depression causes her to take 2 tranquilizers and get very drunk, interrupting the evening the Durans were having with the Tates. Traci thinks it’s too late to repair their marriage. Max confronts Chloe about the dirt he has on her.

When Eddie demands answers, Chloe tells him everything, but lies about driving the car that ran Katy and Max off the road, and tells Eddie that Tyler was the one driving. They leave and Max leaves Loren with comforting words. Traci and Kelly clash about Jake. Mel tells Loren she should go home from school but instead Loren wants to go to Eddie’s and her special spot at Griffith Park where Loren breaks down and cries. Melissa wants to move out with Loren who is against the idea. Firefighters search the clinic and they find that Don is dead.

Eddie has a surprise for Chloe. At the end of a phone call, Loren accidentally said, “love you” to Eddie who was surprised and answered “back at ya”.

Adriana tells Don she’s not going to Miami with him. Chloe sets up a meeting not knowing that Eddie is heading out of town then is unsuccessful in finding out where. Max reveals what he has uncovered about Chloe, flying Eddie into a rage, and causing Max to call off the private investigator, leaving them without knowing Chloe’s DMV records. Phil tells Don the truth about how Adriana feels about him. Lisa blows up when finding out Melissa wants to find out about Beth. Melissa shows Beth pictures of her childhood which leads to Beth admitting that she made the right decision to leave her with Lisa and Gus, then Beth runs out the door.


Loren’s online video receives a positive response mostly because of Eddie’s tweet. Eddie meets with Oz, and makes an arrangement that Loren joins the movie. Firefighters search the clinic and they find that Don is dead.

Eddie is concerned about Loren’s meeting with a music producer since the producer wants to change Loren’s image and Kelly wants someone else to write Loren’s songs. Kelly decides to give Loren a new makeover even though Eddie doesn’t want her to change. Max is happy that they broke up because he likes Nora. Loren gets a text from her admirer but when she shows it to Nora it spaces Nora out because she suspects it’s her dad.

Phil and Adriana get most of her father’s things but not much else. Don hits on Ellie, attempting to change her opinion about the money, but she isn’t budging.

Newlyweds Chad and Allison have different missions to get healthy with Latreal Mitchell. Max’s private investigator snaps a picture of Chloe and Tyler kissing, proving an affair behind Eddie’s back. Views Read Edit View history. Adam is thinking about staying in Los Angeles to be with Melissa. Loren and Kelly disagree about Loren singing songs written by someone else; Nora goes to the clinic and finds Don there too.

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Osborne and Connor come up with a scheme to make Eddie think they may give the role to Tyler if Eddie is not interested. Phil decides to move out but is surprised to find Gus at his door, stabbed. Meanwhile, Don and Nora cut their trip short when they hear about the break-in at the hegihts. Mel feels episore friendship with Loren is changing. After an intense dream about Eddie, she starts to accept that Eddie may not come back.


Melissa records something shocking about Kelly. Max proposes a deal with Chloe; she has one hour to drop Eddie’s charges or he will make sure that the death of his wife is blamed on Chloe. Tyler comes to Rumour and makes drama epsode Loren and Eddie. Eddie stops for gas at a gas station and runs across a fan who compliments his car and asks for an autograph.

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At the epiaode, Eddie surprises Loren by pulling her on stage to perform with him and then plays some of his new music. Phil calls Detective Conlee then later Colorado chokes Phil and says Phil epispde be doing the job for free. Chloe then drops by Jake’s and manipulates Traci saying there may be an affair behind Traci’s back. This episode was available on the Nick at Nite website before its air date. Nora and Lisa clash about how to raise a child. Select the Close button to save your changes.

Jake and Eddie talk about doing a small concert at MK to see if his fans like his new material. Chloe finds epksode Loren is staying with Eddie and goes to Adriana to try to sabotage her.

With the help of Khloe and trainer Gunnar Peterson, overweight Will gets his life back. Tyler tries to convince Jackie into talking Chloe into moving back to Fresno. Use mdy dates from September Jackie leaves Chloe’s and goes and talks to Tyler.

Chloe confronts Tyler about leaving her in Fresno. Nora tells Loren the mystery texter is her father, and Loren is confused whether she should contact him or try to find more information about him.

Uncheck all 3 options at the bottom of the panel. Chloe gets back at Tyler and finds out his hiding place of evidence. Reload the page, and enjoy. Lia kisses Eddie after driving him to a hotel in Los Angeles.

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