S S1 EU Qual. After careful deliberation and hours of pouring over Warcraft III strategy commentaries, we have finalized our Audio Commentary winners. I agree with the privacy policy and terms of use. Please log in or register to reply. European Politico-economics QA Mega-thread. My internet was fine for 6 months and was freshly installed by your engineer! An email with instructions will be sent to your E-mail address.

Ladder Season Three rules have been posted and may be found here. Check out some of Grubby’s commentaries. Electronic Sports World Cup This page was last edited on 21 January , at Your entry will be based on: Retrieved from ” https: Grubby Does anyone know what you would call a fire pit in Dutch? We have also decided to extend the Season Three contest deadline to January 13,

Warcraft3 WC3 wc3reforged grubby facebook. Leading the pack so far are: In his spare time Grubby also leads a nations defense against Saxon invaders. The Season Three Logo Contest has come to an end and we have selected the top three commentarg. So, we all know commentary makes digesting SC2 much easier and, for many, more enjoyable.

Congratulations to those who qualified! Second Place by Gabriel J. If you have another idea, let me know! My internet was fine for 6 months and was freshly installed by your engineer! He seaon incredibly successful, consistently performing perfectly on the biggest stages with a circa Federer like record during his heyday.

Good luck to all players in this first opportunity to qualify during Season Three! BW Jeez weekly 9.


Below is a list of shout casts provided by various websites. Grubby was is a player that posseses everything we love in our favorite sportspeople. Wagcraft review the changes to make sure your entry will meet all criteria.

World e-Sports Masters (WarCraft III) – Tournament Results & Prize Money :: Esports Earnings

Dennis K – covering Lyn vs. Since Shortround will be unable to attend the finals next month, SouthSea will be replacing Shortround in the grand finals held in Seoul, Korea in early February. In this video series he talks you through some of the greatest games of his career, and by extension some of the greatest moments in the professional WC3 scene.

If a player finishes at the top during two or more qualification times, that player will be entered into our final tournament, and the extra position will be given to the next highest ranked player. Watching two highly skilled players try to overcome the particular flavor of problem the other is throwing them happens to be pretty interesting too. Retrieved from ” https: Ladder Season Three Tournament is about to begin!

WarCraft 3 commentary?

Everyone who plays games knows that intensely satisfying feeling you get when defeating a particular scenario or challenge that had proven difficult previously. And Grubby’s commentaries on youtube are good too. Agon League S3 Qualifiers. South American Politics thread.

Afreeca Starleague Season 7. Here is the first: Grubby Grubby This article may require cleanup to meet Liquipedia’s quality standards.

Best of all he played the game with an almost sixth sense. We have also decided to extend the Season Three contest deadline to January 13, World Cyber Games Check out Chumpesque’s channel, he uploads a fommentary video every 3 weeks or so getting rarer commetary the number of replays being released but theres a plethora of replays for you with top class commentary.


Your old credentials will no longer work. Grubby My current advice is: We’re pleased to present the first in-depth look at Ladder Season III and our new ladder implementation.

World e-Sports Masters 2009 (WarCraft III)

We have updated the Audio Commentary rules and the Battle Report rules for clarification. What is the scourge range attack? Below are the winning logo submissions. Paying top dollar for this. The rest can be found on the sidebar. Your entry will be based on: On Sunday, the qualifying players met on Battle.

These will take place on: I agree with the privacy policy and terms of use. Tips for new players Hyped’s post-nerf tier list. The intense mental war between two incredibly resourceful and intelligent players and the tangible respect they have for each seaspn skills is where the whole thing jumps from engaging to awesome.

Check out some of Grubby’s commentaries. Leaving this here for a laugh. BW Jeez weekly