Tamaki takes a beating. Shy at some moments and abrasive at others, Ange displays outstanding prowess in battle during their first mission together, but the rest of the team is rendered speechless while seeing Kuroki’s true demeanor. The anime was rebroadcast from July to September , two episodes per week in a special programming block titled “Majestic Hour”. The second ending returns for episodes , and Seven Arcs , Orange. The Battle of Ceres begins, and once again Commander Komine’s ineptitude and arrogance puts the entire operation in jeopardy, having the Earth forces fall prey to the Wulgaru’s relentless offensive.

Umaru-chan R Zoku Touken Ranbu: However, at the mission, they discover the supply route is a reconnaissance squadron. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, the bomb is damaged during the infiltration and Ataru must work quickly to fix it while his companions risk their lives to protect him. Rin tells the five Rabbits members that they will be graduating early from the academy but that she will continue on to lead them. Genetic Awakening Trinity Seven the Movie: They also give a final demonstration in front of their classmates.

Doga KoboOrange.

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Team Rabbits, a quintet enhlish evolved children whose troubling lack of teamwork and common sense prevents them from reaching their true potential, are selected as test pilots of cutting edge mobile battle suits called AHSMB Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Devicepowered by the Juria System, a cutting edge technology whose effectiveness in combat is increased according to the survival instincts of whoever uses it.

Cover of the first manga volume. Izuru tries to protect Tamaki and Kei. The other members of Team Rabbits then promise to do their best to ensure he does not need to sortie.

Seven ArcsOrange. Back at the Wulgaru’s base, another commander learns of Teoria’s betrayal gginga Jiart resorts to extreme measures to silence him.

Ange is invited to hang out with the rest of the team and they get astonished with the multiple talents of their new companion. Despite having the upper hand, the Wulgaru retreat, leaving heavy casualties on Earth’s side.

Mushibugyo — Trinity Seven Majestic Prince: Undina Base is under attack by an alien race called the Wulgaru. Team Rabbits undergoes physical checkups and is given their next mission: However, unlike their fellow cadets, they are chosen to stay behind during the execution of the operation to take down the Wulgaru warp gate, much to their dismay, unaware that there englidh a special reason for it.


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Ishikawa also wrote and composed both songs. Majestic Prince Cover of the first manga volume.

Rin tells the five Rabbits members that they will be graduating early from the academy but that she will continue on to lead them. This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat Retrieved February 8, As the group pack their things to leave the school for good, they think about their time there. However, Jiart appears to resume his duel with Izuru, who pushes the capabilities of his unit to the limit with Teoria’s emglish engraved into his heart.

Meanwhile, Jiart realizes that Teoria, his sister, is on Earth under human custody. Tensions grow taut as the pilots and crew brew over their last skirmish. Genetic Awakening Trinity Seven the Movie: Although they don’t have the numbers as the Earth forces, they are extremely fast and fierce.

Team Rabbits and Team Doberman join forces in a covert operation to destroy an enemy base. However, when Earth finds itself under threat by an alien race called the Wulgaru, human forces decide to have the evolved children deployed as soldiers to fight on the front lines. Meanwhile, Teoria decides to join the battle as well, piloting her own unit to defend mankind against her own race.

Team Rabbits receives recognition for protecting Undina Base including a new experience fielding questions at a press conference followed by some of the citizens thanking them. Epiwode recalls the days when she first joined as a teacher for the academy. A Wulgaru ship has crashed in Mars and Team Rabbits is assigned to escort Teoria’s aide Daneel while he infiltrates it to retrieve its data, while dealing with several issues against them, like the unfavourable weather, the remaining enemy forces stationed there and the ship’s fast decaying.


Umaru-chan R Zoku Touken Ranbu: They would then “harvest” the genetic material as lamata preywith hopes that it would improve their own genes. As both the Earth and Wulgaru forces make preparations for their final battle, Izuru refuses to stay behind despite his condition and is allowed to remain on standby at the Godinion.

Retrieved March 25, Genetic Awakening Monster Strike the Movie: Asagi najestic asked by Izuru’s pit crew to perform some tests on his unit, and manages to activate it, which was not supposed to be possible by anyone except Izuru himself. After a long and exhausting battle, Team Rabbits succeed engllish defend the academy and defeat one of the Wulgaru’s main commanders despite their units get damaged almost beyond repair.

The members of Team Rabbits start their lives as full-fledged members of the army, trying to get used with their new facilities and their corresponding pit crew co-workers.

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Instead of waiting for Izuru, Jiart joins the battle and blocks Team Rabbits’ escape route, forcing Izuru to sortie. Their next mission is to install transmission satellites in space, but they also have to show off to their sponsors who have plastered their slogans all over their mecha.

Soon after, he has another encounter with the mysterious girl, and much to their surprise, Team Rabbits is informed that she is a Wulgaru who had warned mankind of the attack from their race, and their mecha were created using Wulgaru technology obtained from her. The Vice Chief of Staff Komine orders them to attack the squad. They also give a final demonstration in front of their classmates. A new recruit, Ange Kuroki, joins the ranks of Team Rabbits.

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