Overheard – Sequel wizard replied to Milkyway’s topic in World Cinema. George Arliss – Disraeli Read more. Earliest documented projection of a motion picture. He should have had more fights. Currently, new comics are once again posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The movie Chinatown kid seems to be referring to is the Fierce Boxer, which is actually an entertaining movie with “shapes” in a period Indonesian setting. The film is praised for its aesthetic quality and realism that will not become commonplace until many decades later. Can’t say I really agree with that statement..

It’s currently playing at some Indonesia’s movie theatres. I finally settled down and watched Black Belt Karate. Posted July 23, Larry Lee – Any Thoughts? I’m used to visit the old forum frequently. The movie is having a good word of mouth, so hopefully it can draw good box office.

Top grossing films U. The strip often deals with computers, technology, and generally “geeky” things like World of Warcraft and Star Wars, though a myriad of light-hearted subjects are commonly explored.

George, along with his father, step-mother, and the uncle David VI Narinis mentioned in a church inscription from Abelia in the south of Georgia.

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It has Sammo in it, so I gotta get it!: A new Donnie Yen movie was playing at Indonesian’s movie theater last week end. Larry Lee – Any Thoughts?

The ended was left open for Ong Bak 3. But usually not every move looks good on screen, that’s why they need a fight choreographer to make it good on screen.

Its popularity is due to the widespread veneration of the Christian military saint Saint George George of Lydda c. He was one of the big Indonesian martial arts stars of his time, along with guys like Billy Chong, Barry Prima and George Rudy one of his main co-stars.

Good to hear that Larry Lee was a practitioner of goju ryu karate. I’ve seen him in what I believe were phillipino movies a long time ago but can’t remember the titles. James Bond wizard replied to a topic in Shaw Brothers.


Sign in Already have an account? Most of his Chinese martial arts films, like Blackbelt Karate, were also Indonesian co-productions.

The following is an overview of in filmincluding significant events, a list of films released and notable births and deaths. Recently I bought a whole bunch of crash cinema and ground zero DVDs that were being sold for cheap. What do you guys think of him as an on screen fighter? Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that Cliff Lok’s movies were of a bad quality.

In fact, maybe he would have done better in the Bruceploitation industry. In earlythe strip went on hiatus for most of the year, but returned with regular, though unscheduled, updates in January I love Year Of The Dragon. I don’t know his backround, but I would bet karate. It was pretty standard but one of his best IMO.

If anyone knows his background that would be cool to hear. George was adopted by Jigda-Khatun, who died shortly afterwards. The movie is having a good word of mouth, so hopefully it can draw good box office.

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I was mistaken in thinking it was Philipino made but indeed it was Indonesian which makes sense as flm say Larry was from Indonesia which I also didn’t know. Maybe I meant they weren’t the memorable, list of Top 20 favourite films one thinks of when considering kung fu films. The strip is centered around a fairly normal freelance cartoonistGeorge, and his circle of friends.

Here’s a clip from the best part of the film, as far as I’m concerned: In the early s, he was held as a hostage at the Mongol Ilkhan court of Hulagu Khan and later served with his father in the Mongol military ranks. I remembered saw this movie in the magazine long times ago, and just a few days ago spotted the movie trailer. Everything posted by wizard Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 3 of 3. I was very impressed with the sparring match between Lee and Liang.


Fierce Boxer info here: They were set in a period time where the people dressed tribe like, the fights weren’t bad. Maybe because he didn’t have a pretty face, or he just had a really bad agent did martial arts movie actors in HK and Taiwan have agents? Haven’t seen it myself, but I have heard some good reviews from the people who saw it already. Create your page here.

He wore these bright blue sneakers in that film that I always remember. Better than Tom Yum Goong.

Palme d’Or Cannes Film Festival: Overall, I thought the film was enjoyable. Golden Bear Berlin Film Festival: Posted July 24, Plot The strip is centered around a fairly normal freelance cartoonistGeorge, and his circle of friends.

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After his martyrdom inthe name Georgios soon became used more widely among Christians in the Eastern Empire. It is a karate style rooted in Purih. I believe Sammo played a trainer at the Muay Thai school. I thought Larry Lee was a little above average in Black Belt he’s good in technique but doesn’t seem to do well with the choreographybut Bruce Leung is on a totally different level.

Really enjoy it, no nonsense action flick. The Wrestler wizard replied to daisho’s topic in World Cinema. I finally settled down and watched Black Belt Karate. Looks like someone uploaded a trailer for Thunder Kick on youtube.