Wir sind stark hawey entay eka tibil zeleka bizey biflat dika weys himaq kitezaribeni delika eka? And before I could take stock of the whole thing, a minute or two later, the sermon came to an end which mercifully spared me the agony of wrestling with the moral conundrum of whether I should walk out or not. The G8 and G20 meetings seem to be an exclusive club of Western and Christian powers. Moses and Mohammed on the other-hand, besides being moral and spiritual leaders were also political leaders, statesmen and founders who have to deal with the nuts and bolts of governance. Similarly, most of the terrorist acts in the last few decades have been committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. Muslim Eritreans had access to education as early as ; Catholics and Protestants had their missionary and Italian schools but there was none for Tewahdos. Prejudice is never formed in a vacuum; it always has a grain of truth to it.

Prejudice is never formed in a vacuum; it always has a grain of truth to it. Zkeberkum teazebtna nthbuna zelekum moraln degefn kab lbi enda amesgena Tefinakum xenihna emo kab lbi ykreta enda Hatetna, b technic mknyat ember b kalie kemzeykona kngelxelkum nfetu. Peace is the end result of justice; it does not necessarily mean an absence of war. Next Remembering The Forgotten. The West has come to value freedom above all other values because it is the engine that drives the wheel-fortune of humanity. Isaias Afwerki and Mesfin Hagos.

Movie theater information and online movie tickets. Peace is the end result of justice; it does not necessarily mean an absence of war.

I completely understand the frustration Muslims feel all over the world, but blaming others never solves the problem. For one, most of the killings in Europe took place among Christians themselves and most of the wars were not inspired by their religion. A Christian can make the distinction between Caesar and God and does not feel guilty about compromising Christianity. Register with your social account. The rest of the world can learn a lot from the West. In a monolithic or less diverse society, secularization does not seem to be a prerequisite for democracy.

Yeabo haymanot is why we circumcise, honor the Sabbath, and adhere to dietary regulations and many other Old Testament rituals. Democracy is the best way to institutionalize this freedom and secularism is part of this great Western heritage.


I want you to understand that the main events that shaped Christian Europe like the Crusades, the Reformation and the Protestant revolution mean nothing to me as a Tewahdo Christian.

The first thing any government does is, of course, regulate the use of violence by its members-quite often taking full monopoly of it—in return for the provision of security, order and peace. Needless to say, I felt at home; I liked the overall ambiance of the church, the music, the songs and the sermon.

Neshtey fah eilatkum nay xbah enbabatat tewasaeti zsekere seb ayrsen eiyu ashunkay nay tmali nay kdmi werhi keman eiyu zzkro no wela kone eilu eiyu kkk. The good news is if a Jewish state can be a democracy so can an Islamic state. Eritrean comedy – hade mealti – 3 november – HQ. All the same theme. Nowhere is the conservatism of the Tewahdo church more evident in the North Eritrea and Tigrai than in the teachings of abune Ewostatewos, one of the earliest Christian victims of persecution who died in exile in Armenia on September 15, Salih Asile kkkkkkk ehita resi bako eta adoau entay grratika hilkus wahid.

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And not many people can categorically argue that effecting change through non-violence is the only right way. In times of confusion and perplexity, the Tewahdo church and the proud history of Habesha civilization that sprouted from oart has been my refuge. Ismail has provided, conveniently and unfairly I might add, a host of examples to show how particularly the Christian West was responsible for most of the sritrean of the 20 th century. Raising an army, police force and other public institutions are the primary duties of any political community.

The West has come to value freedom above all other values because it is the engine that drives the wheel-fortune of humanity. Hahaha entay elkum ktderfu neskum dea derfes zoba dobub zoba maekel kdrfewo alwom keytdgma dhreza heji. King Solomon prophet Suleiman for the Muslims was the wisest man in the Old Testament and according to him there is a season for everything: Next Remembering The Forgotten.

Zemuy Berhane 1 mes. The West reflects the collective wisdom and folly of mankind. DownloadShield – best torrent search and download manager, Trusted and. The central message of the sermon was the importance of courage, overcoming adversities and success in life as Christians. Awet Bereket 1 mes.


Gebar Muhur habibi bhawri eba aytikelm D. Christians are now the ones that are leaving the country in droves. But in dar-al-Suluh or in dar-al-Harb secularization is the only recipe for peace and coexistence and any legitimization of Jihadist groups in the name of tolerance and democracy is counter-productive.

Part 5 – New Eritrean Music Save. Srah Dayanu bhaki zexiel Ezi Ahmedn Barnebasn zbahalu degfeni kdgfeka Uni justice and untruth judgements.

Zeit ist Gold gzena aytekasruna Hudmona Nebarti delyi nebsu ke abey ala dahya.

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But this is not the end of the story of Christianity. For the movie so far. Eritrea Senafe Hakir 1 mes. YG Suu whoop 1 mes. While waiting for His return, blessed are those who are meek for they shall inherit the earth.

Etitrean love and longing of the homeland most of us nostalgically cling kealti, reminds me of the poem I once read by Sir Walter Scott:. Sempat terpikir kalau ini buku gombal. Central pattaya cinema times – Nekrasovazinonna Just as he said he loves Christ but not Christians, would Gandhi say similar thing about Mohamed and Moses?

ERi-TV Shingrwa/ሸንግርዋ Part XXVIII (28) (ከተማ ዓሰብ) – June 2, #Eritrea

Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the. Aron Gebre 1 mes. Zip Code 0 of 11 max characters. Governance in its barest bone is, however, the same whether sanctioned by God or man.

Uttering half-truths devoid of any contexts are tantamount to falsehood and could be potentially dangerous to peace and harmonious coexistence. The West stands tall because it stands on the shoulders of other giant empires that have faded from popular memory.

Hanti mealti eritrean movie. Berex Nice 1 mes. It is for this reason why the Old Testament and Islam are heavily legalistic.