Jung-hoo asks what his father said in his statement, and whether he admitted to killing anybody. Hey Azfih, Good to see you here!! She feels so sorry from Ji-ho growing up in such a hostile environment, and Nam-joo will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER forgive her for that either!!! I know not everybody harbors as much hatred of spoilers as I do, but those are the house rules. It doesn’t look like much. So in the plan are better versions of the video that will be re-edited perhaps, and we’ll let you know about them and when or where they may be ‘released’ in future Recap threads! The King Loves She calls Moon-ho to ask about Young-shin, wondering about the interview.

They even have a guess as to who that man is. Nooooo please survive through this and work together to defeat Elder! Scene at gym with ES.. Our family has sponsored children through Compassion. Esther agrees to call off the engagement, pissed. Young-shin’s adopted mom was mentioned to be super awesome You are commenting using your Twitter account. I like including bloopers at the back of all my videos LOL.

I am just hoping she can maintain that in spite of what she saw at the end. Never has a man with a slight overbite been so damn attractive. Fvie a bit of thinking should make it clear that he has nothing to gain by killing that person in particular. Going in for the final blow, Yeong-rang admits that in life… and in music… In-ha has lost completely to Ji-ho. Dad is angry at Tan, even though KA explains she is the one who asked to end the engagement.

Actually I thought they’ve done a pretty dramacrazyy job with shading Moon Shik – he’s not pure villiany evil, he’s really a mix. Late at the office, Moon-ho finds a pleasant surprise when Young-shin drops by bearing snacks and smiles. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. CYS needs to muster everything she has, that fortitude and strength of character, to go beyond what she think might have episose, to seek the truth of what really happened.


With regards to being yet an A-list status, that’s also a question in my mind, maybe he is just a”late bloomer” and that this Healer will soon sealed him that status. fjve

Hopefully the Music Director will more than make up for it in Episode The major themes were the ideas of forgiveness, revenge, and judgement. He answers a call fijgers Manager Ahn, who reports that the target just now turned on the cell phone.

S You can also check my updated reviews at hellokpop. Let’s see if it comes back at the beginning of the next episode.

Korean Show: Five Fingers (Episode 8)

I’m hoping we’re steering away from noble idiocy here. They start ganging up on her, but YD is here to save the day, again. Particularly the statement he took from the suspect named Seo Joon-seok.

He has also acted personal taste and faith. Mary Bethany January 28, at 4: She replies it is just fiv his relationship with Tan gets a little weird or perhaps they stop seeing each other. Ordering EvilStep to clean up, she says she needs to rest and slooooooooowly makes her way to her bedroom. Ji-ho turns and says that the will said Boosung is his and to not trust his mother.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 15

Then like u said some folks are powerful and elite. He wants her to be on guard because being friend-zoned means there is no chance at all. Dramacarzy, she is smart enough to know that Healer cut her nail for a DNA test.

Tan just sits down next to HS and asks him about his parents. He rips it open to find a Notice of Auction and Change in Ownership. Boys Over Flowers I would have much preferred the writers to make her hearing-impaired instead. Hey Azfih, Good to see you here!! I normally camp there too as DB and KP are two of my favourite k-drama blogs. But In-ha continues by asking what will happen to him if something goes fve with her.


She smiles widely and brightly. He asks why she is dra,acrazy here. How can he do it to her, what about dramscrazy mother? Incarnation of Money So the episode is called Trust and Young Shin told Jung Hoo to come back even if he does not find evidence. I watched him in that too but I prefer him in the other dramas.

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Dani January 30, at 6: It isn’t like others where we base it on looks and overlook their acting and become biased. Young-shin asks if she knew Jung-hoo back then, and Moon-ho says that they cried every time they met.

Tan says not today. Seven Day Queen It worked once, there is no reason it won’t work again! May even visit him in prison.

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Age of Youth 2 Now he is unemployed. She asks where he is, and he replies he will tell her only if she comes alone. He told her there are many things he was hiding from her. We began with the corners, and little by little, the image is exposed, but we have yet to see who or what caused the tragedy we have seen in this part of the picture. Moonbean January 27, at She tries to open the safe with birthday passcodes Won, Tan, KA, his own, the founding date of Jegukbut none of those works.

Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds What moves people is not sincerity but the situation.