Sonya, the professor’s daughter by his first wife, who has worked with Vanya to keep the estate going, suffers from her unrequited feelings for Dr. The play was also adapted as the new stage-play Dear Uncle by the British playwright Alan Ayckbourn , who reset it in the s Lake District —this adaptation premiered from July to September at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Sta nalazi covek koji je posao u zivot sa izvesnim predrasudama i iluzijama? Nepopravljivi Sanjar Broj poruka: Nastavnik krasnopisa iskoristi zabunu pa — strugnu At some point think that you killed Simone. It takes talent to make such an idea, and it certainly has it.

O, ta vi mi jedino moje blago oduzimate! Love, family, lies, scams, deception, secrets! Penjemo se uza stepene na breg. Vanya complains of the heaviness of his heart, and Sonya, in response, speaks of living, working, and the rewards of the afterlife: The dining room , several days later. General ima pse skupocene rase, a ovo One of us is lying Writer Name:

Karla — A woman of a huge heart, full of love for all. I sincerely recommend this book to you.

He is accused of drug dealing. Vanya calls Yelena a water nymph and urges her, once again, to break free. Memories, memories … I am wandering again, as far as Jessie is concerned, I rejoiced when I heard that she was writing her second novel. Ne, ovo se ne sme tako ostaviti He throws the gun down in disgust and sinks into a chair.

So even though the story of the period when they judge witches in Salem, it can also apply to today. The only time I have to read is at school, unless they are important subjects, and prpricano the end of semester approaching, each subjects becomes important. Kraj 19 veka naziva se prelaznom epohom,ili epohom “sitnih stvari”. Dok su Astrov, kao i Ujka Vanja, zaslepljeni Jeleninom lepotom.


Anton Pavlovic Cehov (1860-1904)

In a happy mood, Sonya leaves to ask the professor if Yelena may play the piano. In real life she would be my mom. Ona nam ne kazuje kakav treba da bude svet,niti sta bi smo radili u njemu,vec nam daje jednu svojevrsnu sliku stvari. She had great idea, but the idea is not enough.

Secrets remain secrets forever, and the family is always in the first place! Madlin — One beautiful and brave girl. Ko je trenutno na forumu Imamo 2 korisnika na forumu: I do not really like that, although this book talks about something that is still happening today. In real life she would be my best friend. A pseto treba ubiti! Sutradan ujutru dobijem ceduljcu: Ali pismo generalu nije napisao.

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Archived from the original on Will it be so when her secret is discovered or will it all break apart in a second? The descriptions are really incredible so much that you have the feeling that you are really there.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Teska kao olovo ona je pritiskivala ljude u Rusiji,a inteligenciju dovela do izgubljenosti. Sta nalazi covek koji je posao u zivot sa izvesnim predrasudama i iluzijama?


Once the outsiders have departed, Sonya and Vanya pay bills, Maria reads a pamphlet, and Marina knits. But I was very disappointed. To su okolnosti,birokratija,teror,vlast,pravo jaceg i bogatijeg,sila gluposti,neznanja;lazna,nicim stvarnim zasluzena vaznost u drustvu.

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Ona je priznala Jeleni da je zaljubljena u Astrova. Vanya, Sonya, and Yelena are in the living room, having been called there by Serebryakov. A shot is heard from offstage and Serebryakov returns, being chased by Vanya, who is wielding a loaded pistol.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: The heart will bubble, jump and skip. Through the book I laughed, shook, fell in love with the characters and disappointed. Dakle, ovo je njihovo psetance? Both the book and the film have achieved a tremendous success, but honestly, in my opinion, this book is even better! And what if it goes wrong?

What secret can she hide? After Serebryakov is asleep, Yelena and Vanya talk. Stojimo na visokom bregu.

Anton Pavlovic Cehov ()

Their beautiful lives have begun to float like an kjka sweater. Tajne ostaju tajne zauvek, a porodica je uvek na prvom mestu! She speaks of the discord in the house, and Vanya speaks of dashed hopes. The style of writing is not complicated what I like about such a novel type.

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