I can watch it for the romance but not to see the story progress. Next week 20th episode.. Everyone is so perfect in thier roles that it is hard to imagine anyone else in their places be it Rafia, Murtaza, Nigar, Ghazala, Sidra or Sara. I watched those romantic scenes over and over again.. I know what you mean about rafia. Zindagi is very gulzar and Fawad Khan is indeed a superstar.

Nur — this is my favorite scene too! Kya baat hai FK kii! Email required Address never made public. You are an assault on my senses!! Oh yeah, in this episode, Aaliyan also meets his mother, confronts his father and discovers Natasha’s plan to abort their child. Rafia offers so much advice to Kashaf, why not take a minute out and tell Sidra ke betaa, jao go back to the US? Konse zamanay Ka hai?

But yes as a woman its impossible to resist him: I keep listening to that one and the one from Daam.

Kashaf Zaroon say kucch to izhaar karay. Afia, as much as I was drooling over the smitten Hassan wooing Rabia I mean who can resist that? And only saving grace is fk n ss chemistry which seems more hot after marriage; rafia lectures have crossed their limits… After one point u start getting annoyed seriously… Like Like.

I watched those romantic scenes over and over again. My Zindagi has suddenly become gulzaar hi gulzaar and I may or may not be watching this episode a few times until dramma Friday!

Mujhay Khuda Pay Yakeen Hai Hum Tv Episode 19 Hum Tv Drama – video dailymotion

I am guessing there will be fireworks soon, looking forward to how they deal with them! They both have amazing on screen chemistry. The truth is it is a nice story about how two completely different people make a successful marriage. Watching her excitement at the thought of new clothes on her own shaadiI was hard-pressed to believe that this yaqern was on her way to becoming an engineer.


Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai – Episode 19 – Complete – HD 720p – Hum TV

I clearly remember it was a different one. ZGH is such an addiction — worth watching multiple times… Like Like. I love you …. Suddenly its a whole mjhe perspective.

Mujhay Khuda Pay Yakeen Hai Episode 19 in High Quality Video By GlamurTv

SK- I completely agree with you. N well zaroon is definitely not chauvinist!!! Fifty fifty, neelamghar etc were some of our favourite shows…. Thats probably why cynical Kashaf is analyzing everything in her head while we get the voice over. These two are a revelation together. Certainly, the idea that a man is the head of ddrama house is not digestible to Kashaf and as you have rightfully mentioned story of the deadbeat dad must be told in a true light.

Agreed, we all wanted it to happen but I feel cheated that it took them 19ep to make things interesting for us.

Posted by Sophia Q at 4: I do have a question…can anyone tell me what Zaroon asks Kashaf at the beginning of the Grand Port scene, before they sit down before the chewing gum scene?

Sz, ayqeen love ur reviews…. I disagree with you ash.

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen Hai Episode 5 | Pakistani Drama Online

Anyway, coming to the scene you mentioned, I am a huge fan of that scene too. Absolutely, loved your comment on this episode of Khud.


They should have had more Z-K scenes from the 1st ep, fighting and all and then switched modes around ep 10, finished the drama by 16th ep or so. Oh my — just finished peisode Dastan.

I think he knows that too and thats what he is trying to find a way around it. I totally agree with you.

I think men do want to lead and protect, but the sign of a good leader is the ability to surround himself with strong people who contribute, advise and support.

I agree with you totally. What do you think he said? Ek shohr apni biwi ke paas itni raat ko nahin aasakta kya? How good looking is Fawad Khan. I have watched that scene so many times!

I agree with youthe story is completely crap.

He may not know her completely but heck we discover new things about our spouses everyday but have loved them anyway. Well, as far as chai ka scene is concerned, she is back with zaroon at his place. She was cute when pondering yqeen the act of opening the gate.