After two chances, Lee fails to escape the detention room and his punishment is permanent. More Seasons in Series See All. Lee gets back to detention where he suggests that Kimmie record Biffy’s apology, which she does, though the phone was not working as they were inside the detention room door was closed. Jenny had also found a book in the library they thought might tell them how to use a whisker but the book was locked. Grayson arrives at Cam’s place to apologize for blackmailing him and the others for bullying him when they were younger. Now with all three of their hearts broken, Biffy decides to ditch Kimmie and help Holger.

Lee and Tina, who is filming the scene, find Cassandra greeting a male council member holding a briefcase with something glowing inside. The episode begins with Finnwich, in a luxurious room in Coral Grove with the comatose Lynch and female council member , talks to himself about how his friend Alexander Nigma founder of the school had once found himself inside the pyramid to get answers about the book but died. Detentionaire Episode 22 A. Lee discovers that a “Down with Lee Club” has formed at A. Detentionaire Episode 20 Finding Finnwich. Everyone embraces and reconcile now that the conspiracies are over, but leaving the fate of everyone else involved Cam and Brandy, the school students, the clone teachers, the Serpent and Alfred Ping unknown.

Brandy is upset about getting kicked out of the Glamazons and Cam tries to cheer her up until he finds Hazmats at her apartment building. Lynch reveals to Lee that he only wanted to prank him so he can play with him, since he’s a loner.

Tv – Watch Cartoons Online. Defenders of Berk, Season 2. Viewers Also Bought See All. The gang are brought back by Lynch so Lee can see Finnwich, but Lee plans to find his mother first.

Biffy is called by Kimmie to go to her house, only to find that Cassandra going out on a “vacation” with Kimmie, and Biffy is kidnapped by her soldiers. Lee discovers the Outcasts were not responsible for the hypnosis of Cam.


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Detentionaire Episode 52 Mannifestum Rising. It attempts to take the book but they overpower it and flee, following Biffy’s directions as the red Tatzelwurm joins them. Holger forces Lee to run for president because he thinks it will get even with Lee and Cam. A blue tatzelwurm attacks Jenny and Lee leaps to help. A member of detentinoaire council hypnotizes everyone, including Tina, into forgetting everything that happened, except the dance, and congratulates Lee for being helpful to the council before she leaves.

Barrage begins hunting down the footage promising rewards for anyone who can bring him the Prank Footage. Detentionaire Episode 40 Pyramid Scheme. Lee epizode that the pyramid can only be opened during an eclipse.

Detentionaire, Season 2

Lee returns to detention, unable to find the council member, however, when Biffy finds that the member went to a casino called “The Hydra”, Lee and Biffy plan to go there and find out what is going on. The students protest against the fence around the school seasno Cam’s approval as president slips so he holds a protest concert. They realise they all used to be in the same class, and plan to investigate old classmates who aren’t being blackmailed.

However, Kimmie crystallizes Cassandra and Finnwich stops the blue Tazes.


Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a “Save the Rainforests” dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina whose secretly planning to dance with Lee.

Cam is finally back at high school but becomes judged for cheating. The only problem is Lee is actually innocent. After Wurst and Barrage call a truce and compromise, they suspend Cam and strip him of his presidency.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Tina helps Lee investigate Barrage’s plans as Lee tries out for the fencing team, unexpectedly seaaon good skills. Lee sees the Outcasts in the background of school news, with Jenny holding his bag. At school, Barrage offers a free ‘A-‘ if a student captures the Tazelwurm. Lee’s key and bag are stolen. Sseason and the three flee to the Serpent’s hideout, while the Serpent takes out Cassandra’ soldiers.


Detentionaire Episode 30 Misadventures in Babysitting.

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Lee is able to prevent what appears to have been an attempt by Brandy to poison Tina but in reality is a elaborate scheme to break up her and Brad Von Chillschene.

The episode ends with Lynch, free from the Reaper Mats, controlling the submarine to get back to Coral Grove so Finnwich can see Lee, and reveals to them that Lee’s real non-clone mother is also there. Brad, who thinks it’s all being filmed for a movie, leads the school witnesses to the library, following Lee’s idea.

Lee and Tina, who is filming the scene, find Cassandra greeting a male council member holding a briefcase with something glowing inside. Meanwhile, after discussing Coral Grove, Tina and Jenny decide to find Brandy’s mother’s brochure to find her new username and password to Coral Grove’s website as Tina did months before in the webisodes. At home, Lee is informed about the book by both Tina and Jenny. Lee is caught by Kimmie and Cassandra claims that she was never at the dance congratulating Lee.

When Tina brings it up, Lee assures her it isn’t true before joining Jenny, who responds to Tina’s presence coldly, in detention. During the conversation, Brandy kisses Cam to avoid suspicion from Barrage.