Will be a few weeks after the DVD is released before eng subs come out, unless you get lucky and someone films it in the theater assume your talking about the movie. My 1 gripe with the show: Thanks One Piece fans: But they’re not evil, like stereotypical pirates, if that’s what you’re asking. However, I enjoy watching the action. DMW, is awesome wished they continued it, as a 12 ep series, you have an idea of how they would end it, Theres an on-going manga, so there will probably be a season 2. Im on a university net thing where they apparently monitor piracy.

Just like real life. An anime i would recommend for everyone to watch is Rainbow: Lulz, just started Angel Beats and had to stop to appreciate the phaggytime sad piano opener. Do they cry every episode about their traumatic pasts? Is it true that the second season isn’t that good? But because he disappeared in the credits scene, its obvious he passed on.

Yes, It is awesomee, Trust me, clanad it Edit: Sun Ken Rock mature http: The Main Point of the show wraps up like its a minor detail.

Seitokai no ichizon season 2 should be coming soon. Just always been like that. Despite the final ending, the you-know-what, still sticks with me. I don’t think anyone here is saying that they feel emotion more in Japanese or any other language than in English. They skip all the fillers though and it’s pretty refreshing to watch however i still prefer the english dubbed version.


Thats exactly how Claymore is. It does the anime no justice since everything is sped up and key storylines are skipped. They created wonderful Japanese animation in recent years.

I’ve been rolling through out all of these episodes lulz. Id compare it to the Lord of the Rings if wed just spent 3 movies focusing on throwing this ring into the volcano, and they get to the volcano, toss it in, and walk away.

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Never heard of anohana. Bored off my face and can’t find anything to watch.

Question about One Piece: K, so we spend like 20 episodes driving that point home. My 2 cents on Dub vs.

I’m just seeing both the forest and the trees man.

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Ive never tested it. Its cool how things take on a life of their own. Epic adventure story with strong plot and nice art and reps on sight. School uniforms are generally girls: Even worse, their reunion lasts all of 12 seconds before the credits run. ROFL you phaggots would notice that Thanks One Piece fans: Has no one seen Myself;Yourself? Also if the subs are written as spoken, and you have no understanding of Japan outside of what Im sure is a broad spectrum of understanding from anime, you won’t get the idioms.

I remember the old one was pretty much all about shounen and seinen anime.


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The main crew I mean. Its like a national uniform across all school systems because every show ive ever seen ahs the same exact one. There are a lot of unique uniforms in anime. That’s the one majority of fans have seen. Hunter x Hunter, deets? I do watch it, and have watched a lot. Berserk is easily one of my all-time favorites, but let’s face it the ending is one of the worst cliffhangers in the history of anime.

Other than the crying, AnoHana was great. Plus his next life deal with short haired Kanada.

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Where do you get the idea that saying that “I animeuultima think anyone here is saying that they feel emotion more in Japanese” Of course you are implying this with the first paragraph.

I did, because those are the threads I post in and help out, so I figure that they would help me out because u have negged me 2 times lol.

Though usually the pink ranger is HOT!

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