Leg room is decent. Most airlines have replaced the older engines with the newer model, while a few have kept the older -8C1 in their fleet. Series , Series , and Series Sit forward of the engines for a more quiet flight. For domestic and transborder flights over 90 minutes, Air Canada operates its Onboard Cafe in Economy Class and charges for alcoholic beverages, snacks and meals. Not on this plane! We had a seat mixup and I moved from seat 15A to seat 25A. Its maximum ground takeoff weight is 84, pounds.

But the airplane’s bathroom doesn’t have a sink — only a bottle of hand sanitizer. Great single seat behind Business on the CRJ aircraft. Please enter a valid email address. My family barely got on this plane, we were almost late so thats why i got 12 C For no extra charge, most of the comments about this seat say “the plane is now upgraded” or “i couldn’t watch my Television during takeoff and landing” Listen guys, stop whining. When i was on this seat there was none in front of me, i wasn’t bothered by the fact i couldn’t take out my tv during takeoff and landing, this seat was amazing overall and it had so much legroom, great to stretch out. I loved this plane. The legroom at 25A was significantly better than for 15A. Engine are loud, but that’s normal.

The CRJ comes in three versions: You need to be logged in to set seat alerts Retrieved 26 November So much more smooth and quiet! Standard Economy Rows Overhead and underseat storage are very limited on this small aircraft. The engines are controlled by FADEC digital engine control instead of control cables and a fuel control unit.


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Look elsewhere, may have limited recline; next to the lavatory. Just the worst flight I’ve been on. Archived from the original on 7 February There is also no recline and people will brush by you to go to the bathroom. The seat is very narrow and hard.

No place to set your camadair or devices.

Air Canada Canadair CRJ Regional Jet Seating Chart – Updated February – SeatLink

Pretty noisy compared to most other aircraft but nothing unbearable. I’ve never slept so easy on a plane because of the dead silence when its airborne. Sign up for our free newsletter and get the latest news, insights, and money-saving tips. Regional jet airliner series.

The aircraft itself is ok. Retrieved from ” https: You won’t get extra legroom and then you’ll have to deal with the hastle of waiting to deal with Candair Canada for a refund. Elite level members in Air Canada’s Aeroplan program may reserve this seat without charge. They are also cramped because of the curvature of the plane at this point.

FAs were friendly and it really was great! It’s not a huge plane but comfortable. Economy Class passengers purchasing a Latitude fare full Economy may show their boarding card for complimentary drinks, snacks or meals.

The wing is wider with added leading edge slats, the tail is redesigned with more span and anhedral. An extra surcharge must be paid to reserve this seat. The CRJ Series is based on the CRJ, with a business class cabin and a reduced maximum seating capacity to allow operation with deating airlines.


There’s no oven on the plane, so meals are cold, but they were quite good for a small regional jet. The window seats in row 20 do not recline but are not marked as such on the seat map. Order Conversion to Q The stewardess was always in the aisle making sure everything was fine topping up drinks etc and was a relatively smooth ride. Launch customer for CRJ Sitting rows your view will be nill due to the engines.

Be the first to review this seat! Seats 1 C have some extra legroom seatng to the position of the bulkhead.

Bombardier CRJ700 series

No way to stretch into the tiny aisle either – the flight attendant would have been tripped instantly or I’d have been bashed with the cart. Then freeeezing while flying, even with the air vents turned off and facing away from us.

You have non-moveable armrests, a seat that is narrower than most, a tray table built into the side wall taking up legroom, and now someone next to you taking up arm space. Recliner Business Rows AC has wonderful short haul services. I have never been more uncomfortable on a plane. Wow- these seats were awful! I lucked out with this seat Please choose the correct version from the list: sdries