Moot, Raizon, and Andre. As the six guardian beasts begin to awaken, they call on six BeyWarriors from other lands. Sho battles Armes for the right to gain the final Master Token. Jin knocks them to the ground and reveals he wasn’t chasing any of them. Whichever side wins will claim the Master Token and is able to resurrect two beasts at a time. Sho tries to convince Armes to join them, but when Armes refuses Task intervenes and battles Armes. This page was last edited on 4 February , at

Jin and Leon compete at an active volcano’s arena. Anime and Manga portal. Kaiser Gray sends Task out to learn the strength of Armes. Sho and Flame battle for the final token that ends with Sho winning and Kaiser leaves the world permanently. Armes ends up winning the battle after Jimmy’s BeyRaiderz gets stuck in an avalanche of ice. Nelvana , SynergySP , d-rights. Views Read Edit View history.

Rachel and Jimmy dodge questions about Kaiser Gray, who appears to be in the Garden and is watching the battles.

Wikipedia requested photographs of anime and manga Episode list using the default LineColor. In an unknown land, six guardian beasts provide protection and help cities to thrive betblade battles called BeyRaiderz.

Ricky plays along with Moot beyraidsrz first, but eventually he proves that the only way to be successful is by being honest and trying your hardest. Task tells Armes if he wants to learn the truth, he should head to a specific mountain range beyraiders the legend of the BeyRaiderz is shown.

The arena has 7 tokens. Kaiser appears to have it won when he looks to be headed towards a token lead, but Sho steals a token to even it up at Upon seeing Sho’s Samurai Ifrit, they beyraieerz he is a figure that could become a friend.


NelvanaSynergySPd-rights. Meanwhile all the people of the world head toward the Sacred Garden. Task reveals that in order for the Mythic Beasts to be revived, three arena battles must take place in the Garden.

Sho is chosen to represent all the Bladers against Flame.

BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz Ep 13 1080p (English Dub) Final Battle

Views Read Edit View history. Epieode the battle Jin saves Leon from a set of flames, but then he jumps on Leon and makes him stop spinning, allowing Jin to win. While searching for the next town, Ricky goes off on his own to try and awaken his beast.

Sho and Flame battle for the final token that ends with Sho winning and Kaiser leaves the world permanently. February 15, [4]. The three boys left trying to become wealthy so they could return to the village and doing a well.

The episode begins with the group at another coliseum arena. Atsushi asks to become Jin’s student after seeing Jin smash a stone. Kaiser Gray entrusts Task with the task of recruiting Armes to join their side. An unknown evil arises to take on the six guardian figures, forcing the six to unite.

BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz Ep 13 p (English Dub) Final Battle (Video) |

She believes bringing back the Secret Garden will bring back prosperity to the land. The people think Beyyraiderz will keep them all safe. Cyborg — Elegant Yokai Apartment Life January 11, [4]. A tag-team battle is held with Sho and Ricky facing Leon and Jin. March 22, [4].


While heading towards the exit, Sho and the others find Task and free him.

The BeyWarriors approach a windy valley where three arenas are said to exist. Leon and Ricky battle with Leon’s Mythic behblade awakening. With the Mythic Beasts freed, the world begins to recover and Sho and his friends proceed to challenge the others for a BeyRaiderz battle.

Atsushi epjsode to lead the group to the arena, but what he doesn’t know is the group of thugs is looking for him. Armes hears the story but then comes out and challenges Sho to a BeyRaiderz battle.

Kaiser quickly claims his 3rd token and releases the power of the Six Mythic Beasts against Sho. March 15, [4]. Sho senses he’s being watched, and the others wonder what’s going on. Cartoon Network acted as the premiere station for episode 4 after airing a 4-episode marathon January Sho decides let Ricky battle Leon.

The light of each BeyRaiderz begins to glow mysteriously in the beyraaiderz as Sho and his friends, now joined by Armes, attempt to escape. Flame reveals his BeyRaiderz is an earlier version of Ifrit that has the ability to use all the powers of each Mythic Beast.

Kaiser Gray brings the people into the Sacred Garden and restores it in front of their eyes.