She stood there awkwardly. He created it that way, so that those who were descendants or even reincarnations —as in my case, could then situate ourselves into the Animus and converse with our prior life. How should he know what it looked like? How long have I been out? I think it would be best if we try and go out the way I just came through, that way— What are you doing? We’re gonna have to jump the bridge.

It seemed the disorientation of whatever medicines he had been under was wearing off; no more stupid questions, just commands. Granted, many of them inherited some of their ancestor’s powers and skills, but at a cost. From her spot in the backseat, Korra beat him to the punch. Ask all you want then. As the liner charted a course closer to the bridge, the firebender suddenly had an idea. We barely made it out this time, and we had the Ava— we had Korra with us. Then with another bound, he lithely leapt to the guardrail of the second level, twisting over it with all the grace of a free runner raised on the streets. This time the firebender was ready though.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Watching the first two episodes of: If we do this, we can backtrack into—” “Into the city, where they’ll be more of those crazy people to chase us?

Mako noticed how his brother’s jaw clenched.

He watched through the mirror as four other vehicles turned the corner, passing by the crash site. His eyes began to roll back into his head. He had never seen Dragon’s Fire before. The roar of dybhappy flying motorcycle went unheard, quieted by the pure intensity of his focus. Just the sight of such placidity seemed to rub off on him.

It was a step in the right —though wary— direction. He cleared his throat.

Korra’s face blanched at the ridicule. Twisted backwards in her seat, the Avatar winced at the sound of metal smashing against metal. Things could take a very, very bad turn if they do what I think they’re trying to do. Mako stuck his head out of the window, toes trying to ground themselves into something, anything.


Then, gaining his courage, he asked, “And how long was I originally out for. His arms were cocked, the edges of his knuckles brushing against his cheek bones. Electrical energy zapped viciously through the air.

The firebender acquiesced easily enough. Up above the freights of timber, a metal railing guarded the second level —a rampart more than anything— of the building; as far as his eyes could see, it looked like the parapet ran at least a hundred yards long. By then, he had finished his meal and had set the tray on the small wooden chest.

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Crisp and salted air burned in his lungs. Granted, many of them inherited some of their ancestor’s powers and skills, but at a cost. Horns blared shrilly, mixing with angry outcries. Peering out of the side mirror, Mako furrowed his brows as the anti-bender gang dispersed into Satomobiles of their own. He drew back his shoulders and raised himself to his full height, towering over his shorter female counterpart. Strapped to his back beneath all the coils and metal, was a smaller version of the generator.

Paying no heed to his recently acquainted ally, Mako proceeded to scale the nearby wall with incredible speed and dexterity. What if we can’t even make it to the other side!

You need to snap out of it man! How many of you were expecting that!

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Korra and I will try to blow Sparky over there,” Mako jabbed a thumb in the general direction of the rider, “out of his seat when he tries to leap after us. Bolin is waiting for us in a black Satomobile, ten blocks down. Just In All Stories: The firebender opened his eyes to glare candidly at the suppressor. They took a shallow bend in the road at high speeds, exceeding the posted limit and weaving through the semi-congested traffic. You see, all those subjects who were tested on, they started to suffer from all the memories they went through.


Still, he offered a means to ease the apprehension by scooting himself over onto the cot and beckoning her over to sit by him. Disorientated, the firebender let go of his nose and scrubbed at his face with the back of his wrist. It seemed though that his comment had caused Bolin to think about the situation differently.

That meant that his little brother had been alone for nearly a month, living on the streets, fending for himself. Then with another bound, he lithely leapt to the guardrail of the second level, twisting over it with all the grace of a free runner raised on the streets. He began eating silently. It sounded like his brother.

I hate them so much. It seemed like it was deserted, all the prior cars having stopped near the edge of the conduit.

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Weakly, he propped himself up into a sitting position resting on the edges of his forearms. She unfurled what looked like a map of the nearby city streets. He was old and eccentric from what most people tell me, but he was also a genius at what he did.