Even the ordinary can be beautiful. Jamieson Boulanger as Boyfriend. Rose Byrne’s Alex is the most interesting character, and she’s the most convincing actor. If the stakes don’t seem higher, I think that’s partially Hartnett’s fault, because he just doesn’t sell much to me in the scope of this movie. Isabel Dos Santos as Chamber Maid. The movie culminates in an insane coincidence-fest at a restaurant, and the ending is corny as well.

I think you have to look past its definite shortcomings to wring out the quality: Set in a cold, snowy Chicago winter, Wicker Park is about the lying and deception at the heart of obsessive relationships. The four main characters are all odd, sad and lonely. I’m going to China tonight, I’m practically engaged– do I need to remind you? Wicker Park then doubles back on itself, layering flashback upon flashback, but instead of building toward a grand romantic climax, it just gets sillier before exploding into a torrent of unintended laughs. The lies we tell ourselves. So she had the same name, same perfume, same shoe size.

Nicki Marie Super Reviewer. Mar 18, Full Review…. Vlasta Vrana as Jeweller. A quite extraordinarily boring psychological drama of obsession, impersonation and mistaken identity. I wasn’t really aware of the world around me when this came out but I imagine it was fred pretty heavily as a typical thriller. Don’t have an account?

A convoluted structure makes this story hard work, but like the French original, it engages with its dazzling onliine zag of time frames and varied perspective. Joanna Noyes as Mary. But it’s scuppered by a plodding obviousness that’s underlined by a sledgehammer soundtrack. Kerrilyn Keith as Female Customer. Erika Rosenbaum as Waitress.


Which is good, but really, this film could have been better. Ted Whittall as Walter. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Drew Smith Super Reviewer. Gordon Masten as Hot Dog Vendor. And considering how convoluted and ultimately kind of silly the plot gets, it’s surprising that it offers up such an understated look at love versus obsession, and how effectively it blurs the viozo sometimes. Enjoyed this a lot! It’s about the lengths the characters will go to in order to pursue love at first sight.

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Isabel Dos Santos as Chamber Maid. Mar 18, Rating: Mary Morter as Old Lady. Diane Kruger as Lisa. Or, or maybe that’s just creepy. Convoluted though this plot may seem, at least the inventive visuals from Gangster No 1 director Paul McGuigan keep you engrossed. Both bland and slightly daft. Wickef Box Office Results: I think it’s a little bit of both, actually. Pierluigi Puccini Super Reviewer. The lies we tell ourselves.

How To Train Your Dragon: Frank Fontaine as Priest. Log in with Facebook. Stanley Hilaire as Stage Manager. I don’t know, either you’re on board with Wicker Park or you’re not. Wicker Park is built on such a paark premise that your average soap-opera scriptwriter would laugh it out of a story meeting. The character Alex states, “Love makes you do crazy things, insane things Although I’m not a sucker for love stories, I couldn’t turn it off, so I give Wicker Park a qualified recommendation.

Something you’d watch once, dwell on fondly and never come back to. Byrne especially does fantastic work with the least screen time of the four; she shows up late and to say much would be a spoiler, but she really digs into every angle of the character and presents some interesting complications in the story.


Paul Doucet as Driver. I’m going to China tonight, I’m practically engaged– do I need to remind you? An Odd “Number,” “Benchwarmers”. Lu Ye as Ms. Carrie Colak as Girlfriend. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

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No wonder they don’t call each other on their cells to straighten things out — they’re all too depressed to dial. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.

I found this very well done – the filming is quite stylish, the cast really good maybe with the exception of Matthew Lilliard who I can never quite take seriously, but he plays a bit of a joker as usual anyhow, so I could wear this one.

Even the ordinary can be beautiful. You want a cup of coffee? Matthew Lillard, too olnine miscast. These four characters bounce off each other, slowly revealing motivations and desires and deceptions, providing a mildly entertaining, but ultimately shallow, experience. Quite an erotic film without being overly graphic. Christian Paul as Orsino.