Nandini tells Aditi that Urmi’s grandmother was under the impression that Aditi was talking to her. Urmi tells Vasu that Kumud and Ramachandra are not happy with their relation. Urmi tells Pannt that she suggested Aditi to write a letter to him. Vidhyadhar tells his mother to return home. Urmi’s grandmother tells Urmi that she had never expected in her wildest dream that she would act against her father’s ideologies. Urmi suggests Mai to stop wasting food. Urmi tells Vasu that Nandini is not clinically depressed. He further tells Nandini that she should think of her future.

Urmi gets shocked on seeing Nandini in Pannt’s room. Aditi tells Pannt that she never had intentions to reveal Urmis secret. Vasu and Aditi suggests Urmi that they should reveal Nandini’s character to Pannt. Later, Nandini tells her aunt that she is feeling guilty for her actions in the past. Nandini tells Pannt that she likes Sunil and wants to marry him. Nandini tells Pannt that she tried to commit suicide because of Urmi. Vasu gets frustrated and irritated on learning tha Mai has asked Urmi to seek apology from Nandini.

Aajji replies to Vidhyadhar that Urmi has decided to follow Pannt’s traditions to bring a change in their village. She further tells him that Aditi is innocent and they are the actual culprits. Mai suggests Pannt that he should talk to Urmi’s grandmother about their plans to get them married according to the vedas. Urmi’s grandmother tells Pannt that she wishes to go back home.

Urmi’s grandmother tells Vasu and Urmi that she misunderstood them, and she respects their decision. Ramachandra apologizes to Kumud for his behaviour towards her in the past, and also praises her.

Nandini’s aunt tells Nandini that Aakka has learnet about the fake letter sent by her. Kumud tells Urmi that she misses her parents a lot. Vidhyadhar tells his mother that he wishes to meet Urmi and her in-laws. Aajji tells Urmi that Vidhyadhar will never accept Pannt’s demands. Aditi tells Urmi that she wants to work, and request her to find a job in her contacts. Vasu supplicates Mai to not send Epiode to her parents’ house.


Urmi tells Mai that Nandini is unnecessarily overreacting. Aditi gets disapointed with Mai’s words.

Aditi tells Urmi that muogi husband has an affair with a girl of another cast. Nandini gets Scarded on learning that Aakka is about to come to Pannts house.

Pannt expresses his concern over his elder son and daughter-in-law’s dispute. Urmi gets shocked on seeing Nandini in Pannt’s room. Nandini’s aunt tells her that she had secretly listened to Urmi and her grandmother talking in the room. Kumud tells Urmi that Ramachandran has ruined her life. Nandini’s aunt is afraid that Urmi may take control over the household works.

Pasant Ahe Mulgi

She further tells Her aunt that she will go to Pune to meet Urmi’s father. Mai and Pannt decide to support Aditi in continuing her studies first and later look for a nice person as a bridegroom for her.

Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. She further tells psant that Nandini’s actions are to gain attention. She tells Aditi that she stole the letter from her room. Pannt calls Ramachandran and tells him to escort Urmi to her parents house.

Pannt apologizes to Vasu for not having faith in him. Nandini tries to propogandize Pannt against Urmi. Pannt and Ramachandra go out to meet Aditi’s in-laws. Kumud pleads Pannt to not send her to her parents house. Sunil calls Nandini and tells her that his mother is about to call Pannt epislde their marriage. Vidhyadhar tells his mother to return home. Ramachandran tells Pannt that he is unhappy with his marriage.


Mai tells Pannt that Urmi is scared of her father and that she doesn’t want to go to her parents house.

Mai gives the nuptial thread to Urmi and apologizes for her actions. Later, Nandini tells her aunt that aabe is feeling guilty for her actions in the past.

Kumud and Aditi have a small argument regarding Urmi’s Grandmother. Pasant Ahe Mulgi – Episodes On the other hand Pannt tries to sort out things between Ramachandra and Kumud. Pannt gets Disheartened, and tells Mai that he is responsible for wretched condition of Aditi and Ramchandran’s marriage.

Nandini appologizes to Pannt and Mai. Urmi explains Aajji that she has agreed because eipsode Mai’s health, and also to bring a change in the house. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

In reply Vidhyadhar rebukes Nandini.

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Aajji and Pannt have a small argument regarding Pannt’s plan. Watch the episode to know more about the announcements.

Mai breaks the news of Nandinis wedding to Vasu and Urmi. Vasu tells Urmi that he had an argument with his brother. She tells Pannt that she had asked Urmi to not click her picture but Urmi did not listen to her.