And keeping a eye for his next one hopefully. As a lurker of your site for about a year now and a lurker of your recaps every week, I just wanted to say: He holds a frame in hand, which displays a ripped photo of just Ji Yoon. Tetapi karena terburu-buru, Joo Young minta tolong agar dia menyelesaikan urusannya mengantar anaknya terlebih dahulu bermain sepakbola, baru dia menyelesaikan ganti rugi tersebut. Grandma smiles, satisfied with the deep meaning. The Return of Iljimae Final.

New Tales of Gisaeng Final. For sure many a times your recap is much more fun than the actual drama. Jung Dong Hwan Supporting Cast. Too many loose ends. The Return of Iljimae Final. Always looking down on me! My Little Bride End.

It was a louse ending, and I already promise myself not to watch a drama from this writer or one with SYR in it.

A Thousand Kisses 1-50

Instead, she makes up for it by using the skills she has acquired over the years. Hubungan cintanya dengan Kim Jung Han tidak juga berakhir bahagia.

We now see that after long wait to see her family, JY was still short-changed by the whole drama around fake IJ. She tefakhir met her family.

Feast of the Gods? The Return of Iljimae Final. You might cause a scandal too. Undecisive pair in love: Pshhhhhhh Feast for the Frogs is more appropriate. Joo Mi dengan terburu-buru menelepon kaka nya tersebut untuk memberitahu apa yang sudah dilihatnya. You guys ruined it! You made it fun and bearable despite the flimsy logic of this drama. Their date is having dinner outside, under the stars. Seo Hyun Jin Main Cast.


Jung Hye Sun Supporting Cast. They were born on the same day, yet he was the only one plagued with an illness.

Joo Mi mencoba menyapa nya tetapi Woo Jin terlihat dingin. Stop being arrogant and let him rest in peace. Iljimae — Episode Log in with Email.

He holds a frame in hand, which displays a ripped photo of just Ji Yoon. No hugs and kisses on both sides DY and JH when they meet up again. Watch ‘ Feast of the Gods ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. For sure many a times your recap is much more fun than the actual drama.

Setelah merampok dia selalu meninggalkan lukisan sebuah ranting pohon plum sebagai simbolnya dan karena itulah te disebut sebagai Iljimae. Thank you so much for your earnest efforts to recap and to bring out the significance of even the small details. This type of scenarios happens often in real life, and I would like to slap all the people in this scene alone.

A million and one thanks to you, Kaptain for weathering this long ride and never failing to disappoint. episodr

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

Right Sidebar Fashion Home Shop. Dia selalu komplain pada suaminya yaitu Tae Kyung diperankan Shim Hyung Tak yang selalu sibuk sehingga tidak pernah meluangkan waktunya pada keluarga.


Unbeknownst to them, In Joo watches this whole exchange at the door, her face peaceful as something dawns on her. It is totally makjang. Do Yoon suggests she learns from a great teacher abroad, pointing to himself. So what is with the judgement that she loses the competition because she representes too much of the past and tradition with her dish?

Hwang Jin Yi Episode (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

gocs He became Haemil to show you his success! Lee Sang Woo Main Cast. If it were like that, why did you behave that way from the beginning when you came back to Korea after so many years as an adult this time? Doo Hee chases after Baek Sul to say a few last words.

I was so disappointed with him. Lee Il Hwa Supporting Cast. SorryI posted twice by mistake. At least now, she can go on and live a happy life. The Competition Just like 22 years ago, the main deast is carp.