Did any one know that I’m using very slow CD-Rom? Does anyone know how to remove StarForce protection tools from a full version game? I use it but didn’t work for L. How it will work on coming PCI Express? Here chapter 4 review notes from StarForce Nightmare. The gaming companies should be looking after their customers, Not treating them like theives, all the while their non-customers who all this crap is directed at dont give a rats arse and can play the games with no issue. They only care for money.

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Though it looks to tsarforce like your asking for advice on how to run pirated games that have had the Starforce protection cracked, In which case slap yourself aound the head for being a douche.

Please help me delete starforce protection

Anyone know how to modified it here? Starforce is a software copy protection tool installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications. Most others don’t which is why the No-CDs work for them. Why do you need to find it? By using the function of deactivating cd drives separately it should start immediately: One of the bonuses of PC gaming has always been that the game is installed on the HD, faster loading, Instant gaming, Now its encumbrered with some of the same restrictions as if the game was launched from the CD.


Get real MT, inserting the CD won’t scratch it, leaving it lying around in amongst all your junk does that. How can I get rid of Starforce?

March 22, at 1: I own disabble of games too but use images of them or no cd files. I removed all trace of them.

They only care for money. It won’t allow you to play Starforce restricted games. How hard is that to do? Did any one know that Disble using very slow CD-Rom?

For clients For end-users.

Wow if i could i would give you a star!! Telling him it’s his own problem, to me, fundamentally contradicts the spirit of online forums in general – especially ones in which people are asking for help.

Windows 7 is supported by different protection versions

And hope people will write letters to gaming industries to complain this. Perhaps due to the fact that the console games are on the CD? I have already noticed many problems with starforce and native mode controllers. How far they will go with their paranoid idea to don’t care about the hardware sharforce software compability of their protection?

Technical support Members Area. July 17, at 3: Starforce has received criticism for installing its own device driver onto computers. In some cases permentant failure of the drive is reported,in many cases it the writing capabilitie of the drive is disabled. Starforce installs “virtual” drivers, they show up diisable the device manager, One of the big issues is that this can cause the failure of certain CD drives, certaibnly not all, but enough that people are getting upset in enough numbers to make developers take notice.


Restarted the PC and tried again.

Update/Remove driver – StarForce Support

Like I said in my post he has other games, which also require the original CD to be in the drive, but aren’t StarForce and they work with no problems at all. There is no way to remowe this protection…. Well, if u think NO-CD is better use it. For pirated games, where can you get these games from? After mounting an image for L.

I got my Midtown Madness 2 CD damamged luckily I make an image but can’t play the game unless crack is inserted.