I read about it in Park Shi ho fanpage web. Seung-jo is falling further for her but that was pretty much the content of ep. As Chauffeur Kim drives him home, Seung-jo recognizes a familiar figure in the street. It could have been a good drama, but it was lacking sooooo many things. Seung-jo is really interesting because he’s obviously the Mad Hatter. Ho-min then arrives to tell her their bus has come, and she hands Tommy her card.

But this is not a bad thing, I have realized. Sussie your and my husband might need to find their own site for rehab from us ha ha ha. And it explores the dreams and myths of romance versus the cold calculation needed to get and protect what you love. I am floored by how this drama keeps getting better. Was the ending a fantasy, conjured by a disenchanted “still angry” Se Kyung wearily lugging her heavy boxes symbolising the burdens of life , dragging herself through the cold corridors of an indifferent world day after day after day? But I loved loved the drama Still I love how the plot plays out and how the characters interact with each other, clearly the actors know what their doing and did their homework.

Or, imagine him remembering such thing after many years, heh I think the Alice references aren’t all there, they weren’t trying to make a live-action or something, it was more like, inspired by the ideas of “what’s ideal” and “why is episoee ideal anyway?

The turn of events in each episode are truly unexpected. They were goodcrama intimate and heartfelt, and they gave viewers a bit space to listen to the dialogues and to see the whole thing unfold. But when I watch it alone, I roll all over my bed laughing and I repeat the scenes over and over again while doing screenshots. It broke my heart imagining him going through all the possible outcomes of kissing her and confessing, but then dismissing or suppressing that desire.


Nothing was moving in the last two episodes aside from some discovered feelings from the leads. But thank god I stuck around until Ep.

How they talk about their dreams and disappointments in front of each other. Its your first time to watch Taiwanese Drama. Even though her existential crisis will probably be solved by marrying a millionaire, I feel I can relate right now.

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I really enjoyed the last episode, because it was satisfying in showing us the growth of the characters over some time without feeling too rushed.

As a kid you believe the wonderful stories of pure love and goodcrama things happen to those who work hard, but as you grow up you learn that reality isn’t always beautiful. I enjoy reading it a lot. I bet I would’ve liked it more if I hadn’t Not getting this philosophy at all.

Yeah, the awesome just keeps on coming. I can not wait for next two episodes. Might I add that the same people who disliked how the story ended, are also the same that complain how every kdrama is the same and etc, but when they get a different drama, they dislike it because it didn’t go the way they wanted it to be. The supporting team of players were fabulous! The list is in no particular order.

He says its not done yet.

Cham Bok Goh Chu Jin Mo — the head of the publishing company that owns all of the information about politics, economy and show business in South Korea. I am also reading at koalaland, many thanks for that recommendation. This cheongeamdong out as silly and as fun as the premise suggested: The fabulous things are there because someone dreamed them first.


That he met Se-kyung with banter was so, so awesome.

What I love about this drama is the freaking awesome main actor!!! Jealousy Incarnate watch here. I’ve seen her in Cinderella sister, I love her then Se Jin comes in and tells them to get a move on with the packing, the moving trucks are here. She ends the call saying she has to get back to work. That I always thought was kinda brain numbing and makes you suspend disbelief. I do have one regret though As for the 1. Now I can no longer distinguish the difference between that. I wonder what depths TH is willing to stoop to in order to break them up.

That was a pretty awesome smirk right there. But when we meet her, her hope and optimism have been ground down to almost nothing.

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In Hwa’s strong presence also just After they walk out, Seung Jo confirms from Secretary Moon that he kept the ruse going. It sort of diminished the whole big reunion. Ah Jung ends the call and Secretary Moon arrives to meet with her.

Seung-jo is willing to believe that good things can come out of nowhere, whereas Yoon-joo and Se-kyung are skeptical when good fortune like that befalls them. I could be wrong, but I thought the referece to “Candy” was to gooddramma Japanese Anime character?