Assemble your dream cast! Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Story with 25 roles. Hey, that guy is good! As the happy couple smiled and looked into each other’s eyes they started kissing. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Even though the film came out well over a year before that, the scene was considered inappropriate in retrospect.

The Gammas are like way hot, man. What, are you kiddin’? An Extremely Goofy Movie part 1. They date that coming Saturday, during which Max makes his father join the Gammas, whom he’d accidentally impressed during Max’s practices. After arriving, Max is met by the reigning champions. Go for it, Dad.

The First Face-Off Hercules: I’m so proud of you for graduating College” Sylvia said to Goofy and he replied, “Thanks Sylvia that means a lot to me.

Shake Your Groove Thing. Sort of silly, huh? She said I was groovy. Where you goin’, son?

An Extremely Goofy Movie part 4 your library card

Newer Post Older Post Home. Midnight Drive Story with 6 roles. I can’t believe it. Views Read Edit View history. Well, I was just gonna go to Just before the final race, P. Ergo Proxy Story with 16 roles.


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They date that coming Saturday, during which Max makes his father join the Gammas, whom he’d accidentally impressed during Max’s practices. The Gammas, the number one team in the history of the College X Games, have an opening on our team. Is that a genuine mood ring you’re wearin’?

Go out to dinner? Bradley installs a rocket booster on Goofy’s skateboard, but Goofy beats Max in the first qualifiers and Max’s team barely makes the semi-finals.

Their leader Bradley Uppercrust III movvie Max to join them but on the condition he won’t take in his friends since they only want Max. My Dad needs a library card. Ready to move onto another story?


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Your review has been posted. Gammas, let’s pack it up. After being together for a while Goofy wants to take things to the next level. Tank tries winning in Bradley’s place, which angers Bradley into making our trio crash into the inflatable X-games logo ship, mobie they escape the wreckage. Hi there, Miss “Marpole-ee.

Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Oh, I’d love to. Well, I was just gonna go to Click Make Suggestion to add your casting suggestion! That’s real nice of you to ask, but I’m really only interested in stayin’ close to Maxie.