Do you think it’s good? I really find this frustrating as I want to watch the drama, and not just read the recaps! And I do like seeing him squirm around her. While she gradually learns to accept the harsh realities of life, she is still able to maintain her faith in the goodness of others. From Me to You Japanese Movie. I assumed that it was a gift from her Dad, non? The storyline has grown to be so dragging, and I eventually lost my passion until the last four episodes, sparkles reignited and faded with a Hollywood-like ending.

Thank goodness for Jung Il-woo. But I don’t see him liking her. I mean more than I know so far. Min-ho grabs her arm to stop her, and I keep thinking that Ji-hyun is getting so spun around in this drama — Kang! I think he will be the second tear. I suggest you watch Wonderful Life first: And what could have happened that apartment? Kyoto Inferno Japanese Movie.

Min-ho initially showed strong romantic feelings towards Ji-hyun as he was apparently emotionally shattered upon receiving tragic news of her accident. My wife is a huge fan of K-Dorama. This lecturer will later find out that lee Seol is actually a princess a real princess.

I’m off to a meeting so can’t say much, but I’ll say this for now: Jane May 6, at 5: She cries, asking In-jung when she episodr being a friend to her. One of Ji-hyun’s friends in high school, although they are no longer as close as before due to an unfortunate incident.


No offense, but the scheduler pisses me offffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

That last scene with Kang-ah running around screaming out for Ji-Hyun was so sad…my tear ducts just went on overdrive. The two roles are pretty much similar, with the exclusion of him being in a rock band rather than an idol group this time. Lina March 31, at 9: Twenty Again Korean Drama. I dont want to spoil but my! And with quiet goodbyes to the staff, she leaves.

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Just bare with the boring first episode then you’ll get to experience an exciting and romantic love story. Thanks, it’s really sad to tell that “Heartstrings” is concluding very very soon. Big love to all the soundtracks and members of A.

To complicate ,imchidrama further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies. Unexpectedly, i fell inlove with this drama.

kkmchidrama This is probably one of the first dramas in a long time that I’ve watched which is unpredictable and doesn’t have the usual love triangles. It’s a drama but sooo amazing.

Ojakgyo brothers ep 47 – Ojakgyo Brothers | KimchiDrama

My Way Korean Movie. Sometimes I don’t know who she should end up with because she looks good with anyone.


Song hye gyo – Are these Korean couples dating?

I hope Kang does get Yi Kyung’s apartment. No offense but some of the series you posted, with the exception of “my princess” and “prosecutor princess” are not that much to see, really. Romance, Comedy, Fantasy Episodes: Thanks, I’ll watch it when I’m finished with “City Hunter”, almost there ; joebrofano1: I still have hope for Min Ho to redeem himself, although he proceeds with his business take over plan.

Could you help me?: I do think JIW’s acting dsys superb since the beginning, he can juggle the spunky-carefree scheduler vs. Shoot My Heart Korean Movie. I wanted the couple to be together so much, but the ending really disappointed me a lot finding her to be with another guy instead. I’m definitely eager to know the truth!

Since I believe his character is typical who doesn’t believe something mystical. Queen of Mystery Korean Drama. Anonymous Friday, October 14, Anonymous Wednesday, July 13,